Nanyang city completed the regional evaluation of cultural relic exploration and environmental evaluation of construction projects

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Nanyang Network News (correspondent Li Guixiao) in accordance with the requirements of “Domestic first-class, raise the benchmark”, to continue to deepen the reform of “decentralization, regulation and service”, optimize the business environment, further reduce the time for administrative approval, improve the efficiency of administrative approval, effectively reduce the burden of enterprises, save investment costs and social resources,Establish a regional evaluation system framework and management system in which the government pays for the evaluation and enterprises share the evaluation results.Since January this year, nanyang Natural Resources and Planning Bureau has led the organization of the municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism and the municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment to strongly promote the city’s 17 development zones to carry out cultural relics exploration and archaeological excavation and environmental assessment of regional assessment matters.The regional evaluation of cultural relic exploration and environmental evaluation for construction projects has been completed.In the past two months, the Nanyang Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, in accordance with the requirements of the city’s main leaders, requested the municipal office of “Decentralization, Administration and Services” to issue the “Notice on doing a good job in the regional Assessment of cultural relics Exploration and environmental assessment of engineering construction Projects”, which clarified the target tasks, time nodes, work standards and supervision subjects.Establish and improve the system of “monthly report, monthly supervision, monthly consultation and monthly notification”.Strengthen technical support to ensure orderly progress.In mid-february, organize the city ecological environment bureau, city culture and tourism bureau of radio, film and television work, advance will arrangement deployment, regarding the two assessment items for the next step work put forward clear requirements, meeting will take to DaiXun way, to various counties (city, district, district) culture, ecological environment and tourism administration bureau of radio, film and television and 17 development zone is responsible for the comrades to guide the training.At the beginning of March, according to the work entered the critical stage, the work gap between the counties and urban areas is large, the progress of the two assessment items is not balanced, and so on, 17 counties (cities, districts, work districts) issued a “work reminder letter”, written to the county and urban governments put forward the workload completed, and emphasized the relevant requirements of the municipal party committee and municipal government.In late March, assistance and guidance were given to individual counties and urban areas with problems.In the past 3 months, two work promotion meetings were held, three meetings were held between municipal units and contractors, and two work announcements were issued.By March 30, the city’s 17 counties (city, district, industrial area) development zone all completed according to the “14 five years” and to 10 years of project development needs, determined in the regional environmental assessment assessment matters.On the basis of last year’s cultural relics protection assessment, all cultural relics exploration work involving negative lists in certain areas was completed.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: