That’s a sprout.Taicang “Cute tiger” C debut!

2022-05-19 0 By

It’s the year of the Tiger in Chinese culture. The tiger is a symbol of courage and strength. Taicang’s “Cute Tiger” has been assembled, waiting for you to turn the card “Cute Tiger” to give your blessing.At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is still grim. Taicang tiger reminds you to do a good job of self-protection whether you go out or at home.Taicang Rong Media Center production director/Zhu Weiqi Zhirong media reporter/Xia Fengdan/Wen Ouyang Sun Jing/hand-painted Chen Yi Zheng Tianci Wang Jingwei Min Wang Kaiwen (trainee)/Media editor/Ouyang Sun Jing