Barcelona beat Atletico Madrid 4-2 as atletico continued to lose, with Traore and Daniel Alves dominating Barcelona

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Barcelona and atletico Madrid match results is not accidental, because familiar with atletico Madrid once again become a season atletico Madrid, Barcelona because some new people to join in, the team’s offensive capability has obvious improvement, but after the game, become the fourth Barcelona, atletico Madrid now should be the fifth in the league, is now the state of the atletico Madrid, want to make sure to participate in the champions league next season, it might be a little difficult,After all, there is basically no new person, the opponent is to strengthen, a simple look at this game.Or offensive and defensive problems of atletico Madrid, simone now need to consider change collective defence, midfield increase a point, of course, ur seems to be going to come back in this paper, starting the headline number New still justify said sports atletico Madrid’s defensive problems, the team looks not worth how to defense, especially defence,Standing pile type of defense is still in the game show, midfielder is still not what creativity, look only carrasco can have good performance, now I feel this team attack without core, defensive not, this is the problem this season, the use of guard, of course, the performance of the savage really is too bad, cork is used as a versatile midfielder,These are simeone season insist, but also very failure insist.Well, it’s normal to lose, it’s normal for Atletico, this team needs a central defender, a new core of central defenders, the midfield seems to really need a core that can attack and combine, but Simeone really won’t use such a core, it’s very troublesome.Look at atletico’s conceding goals, a lot of the conceding backs are not directly in the defensive position, watching the opponent score, this is the problem.The spirit of this team is not there, the players are not really as hard as before, this is the problem of Atletico this season.Barcelona have change, the couple’s performance was good, of course, in this paper, starting the headline number New justify says sports ray of play is good, really strong, and it looks like, ray body advantage too obvious in the Spanish really obvious advantages, this may make the Barcelona game scores have promoted, torres looks also found a state,This game seems to be the thinking at City, playing centre-forward.Alves also played well, with an assist and a goal, and Alba’s goal was also lucky, in fact traori played so well in this game that dembele basically won’t have a chance, La Liga seems to have good physical, fast players, and basically don’t know how to defend.This is the performance of the new man, although Alves got a red card, but this performance is ok.Barcelona’s problems or midfielder, butts, this position without new instability will result in this paper, starting the headline number New sports butts, justify said state is bad, the team must be bad grades, this is the Barcelona the problem now, it is also possible to Barcelona to reinforcing off-season, after all is butts, Barcelona’s attacking and defensive metronome,It is good to win against Atletico, but atletico have been inconsistent this season, araujo and Pique have a good defensive combination, pique’s recent form is ok, but this is another problem for Barca, the lack of central defenders.O lowe huo renewal or challenges now, it is also can see the problem, so Barcelona looks after the operation, the offense better, defense can only say that is unstable, atletico Madrid is let a person can’t see the hope, at least the location of the cork, the use of savage, is there is a problem, simone, insisted on self.