Luo Pang’s New Year’s Speech Short Story Day9

2022-05-20 0 By

Day9: Why can’t you be too young to start a barber shop?And the trust of regular customers is a valuable resource.Sometimes that old friend chat and understanding is part of the service.I love this story and have relayed it to many people, from the “demographic dividend” to the “time dividend,” the biggest cost added to the accumulation and social new retail within the industry is time.Be a friend of time and a practitioner of long-termism.It has been 23 years since it entered the pharmaceutical sales industry in 2000.In the afternoon, CHATTING with the younger generation of investment merchants, I really felt a sense of crisis of “being photographed on the beach”, but I still have a place in the circle, and there is only one halo: stay in the industry for a long time…The security and trust that comes with being an age is also a resource.Take a run for the first time in the morning. What is the mature economy?Is the outsiders look at the charm, oneself feel anxious.I’m old enough to understand the economy…Fortunately, now belongs to the cooked not rotten, cooked not through, with upward vitality.Strive to the south, to the new, to the sun and born!The friend of time