Qinfa anti-drug knowledge supply package heart for the people to protect the people

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To promote extensive, carry out people’s war against drugs, solid anti-drug propaganda work, hengyang city high-tech zone JinDuWei insisted that planning in advance, unodc overall arrangement, actively mobilize the streets (office) and the member unit, combined with “knock” launched “frequently anti-drug knowledge supply package, with all my heart for the people to protect the people”, “as the theme of the anti-drug campaign.Campaign, anti-drug volunteers union representatives, property management companies and residents, the community police together into the village to carry out the “New Year the first class” anti-drug knowledge information, for the majority of residents on the drug control knowledge supply package, community police also to explain in detail the types of drugs and identification method, and through the vivid case, make the residents learned about the dangers of drugs.At the same time, more than 2,600 copies of anti-drug publicity materials, manuals and questionnaires were sent to thousands of households, raising the public’s awareness of the importance and urgency of anti-drug work.The anti-drug publicity campaign effectively conveyed the concept of healthy life away from drugs to the general population, and improved the people’s understanding of anti-drug knowledge and ability to resist drugs.Residents have said: in the future study and work, will actively promote anti-drug knowledge, jointly resist drugs, eradicate cancer, protect the common blue sky!Source of hengyang drug review | | Chen Dan edit | li thanks for attention!