Beethoven Breath practice method

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Beethoven 68, breath practice method singing (Baidu Encyclopedia) :……Acting, singing, singing: see Beethoven 52~60…First, breath practice methods…Qi, Breath, breath (Baidu Encyclopedia) 1: See Beethoven 61~67……Breath (Baidu Chinese) 2: ① Breath in and out of qi: ~ yan yan.(2) smell: life ~ ~ | era.1. breathing;Breathe in and out.2, refers to the voice……Method, method: see “Euclid 2, 3″…(…Euclid.1.Weak sound extension practice: send “silk” sound, one breath “silk” 20-30 seconds, 5-7 breath as a group, each practice 3-5 groups.Replace the words with “silk” to complete the entire track: light, thin, continuous, long.2. “du” exercise: lips relaxed, trembling breath, “du” 20-30 seconds, 5-7 tone as a group, each practice 3-5 groups.Two, chest and abdominal breathing exercises 1.Take three deep breaths.Make sure both breaths are full for 5 seconds, and find the rhythm of your breath….Stanza, play, rhythm: see Newton 87~88…(…Newton: The title of the novel…2.Take three more deep breaths.Make sure both breaths are full. Keep the exhale for 5 seconds, but keep the inhalation as short as possible.3.Repeat 2 three times.Then hold your breath without breathing in or out (the breath is still and only the muscles work)….Work, work, work: See Galileo 22…(…”Galileo” : Novel title…4.Take three deep breaths for 10 seconds, as short as possible.5.Hold for 4 seconds and slowly extend your exhale for 10 to 30 seconds.Keep it as short as possible.When exhaling, push the vocal cords to pronounce vowels (a, E, I, O, u, which is pinyin).6.Holding the movement of 5, slowly change the vowel into the lyrics, holding the vocalization and breath position to sing.Lung capacity exercise 1.Practice run.Swimming practice is also available, especially underwater swimming.2.Do 30 sit-ups every night and increase them moderately over time.3.Fill a basin with water, put your face in it, and practice holding your breath.4.Hold a candle in front of your mouth and try not to wobble as you practice. This will keep your breath in your body longer.5.Take the paper in your hand, inhale, and blow it as long as possible….Time, time, time: See Galileo 10…4. Linking and skipping exercises 1.Long linking exercises fast count 1,2,3…9.Count 20-30 times in one breath, 5-7 breaths in a group, 3-5 groups each time.Requirements: breath, voice, articulation work separately, strive to articulation clear, equal strength.2.Strong skip practice still count 1 to 10, each interval between one second, count 2 times in one breath, 5 to 7 breath as a group, each practice 3 to 5 groups.Requirements: short, fast, even, clean.3.Practice 1 and 2 alternately in one breath, such as practice 2, counting from 1 to 5, and then practice 1, counting 5 times, and so on.Five, practice notes 1.Recognize the muscles that work when the breath works.2.Make these muscles work in accordance with the above movements.3. Practicing qi is to practice the working ability of breath when singing, not to compare who is long in qi.→ Multiple breath as a group, do not judge by breath….Judgment, judgment, judgment: see Euclid 70, 71…According to, according to, according to: see “Euclid 65″…6. Practice Suggestion 1.Breathe in for 5 seconds, pause for 5 seconds, and exhale for 10 seconds.To finish vomit.Repeat.No time requirement, can practice at any time, the more the better!2.The easiest thing is singing while jogging….Simple, simple, simple: See Galileo 13…3.Sing every day. Start by choosing less difficult songs.”A concert tour refers to a period of time in which a singer performs in various places to increase popularity and gain profits.Please see the next set of Beethoven 69, singing in unison, solo, duet, chorus, singing “if you do not know the history, they do not see;Clear future welcome to pay attention to the headline “Game of Humanity”