Overseas new version of “Shepherd Ranger”, 3.0T diesel nose!A good cross-country player, but a dud at home

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Overseas new version of “Shepherd Ranger”, 3.0T diesel nose!Japanese off-road models have always had a good reputation in the Chinese market, whether it is a bit high-end Toyota Landcool Luze, or nissan Tuda, which takes a friendly line, have a good public reputation basis.However, there is a Japanese hard-style cross-country SUV that is a dud in China. The sales volume of this car is not only low, but also very low, that is isuzu Mu-X Ranger. According to the data of last year, the total sales volume of Domestic Isuzu Ranger is less than 1300 units, and the monthly data is about 100 units, which is almost negligible.One reason is that the update pace of the domestic version of The Ranger is too slow, and the actual overseas version of the car is better in both design and configuration.For example, recently in the Russian market officially released on the market of the new ranger, from the appearance of the design, has completely gotten rid of the tool car cheap feeling, the front face of the air intake net is very stretch, rather than the domestic ranger that is very cheap before the face style.The side figure belongs to the standard medium-sized SUV, the total length of the body is over 4.8 meters, the wheelbase is also above 2.8 meters, the roof and window line processing is more like Mitsubishi Pajero Strong chang, the tail double exhaust pipe outlet looks domineer.If the interior technology atmosphere is compared with the current domestic hard off-road models, it is obviously no advantage. The overseas new version of the Shepherd Ranger provides a large size inlaid navigation and entertainment screen, but there is no full LCD instrument, only a small size information display on the basis of the original mechanical instrument.Work materials are obviously more delicate than the domestic version, such as the console is covered with leather soft bag, shift area button design is also very reasonable.As a main hardcore off-road vehicles, overseas version rangers power configuration is very attractive, main models of carrying is a new 3.0 T turbocharged diesel engine, the diesel engine has the power of the data parameter is not good, maximum output power of 140 kw, this even as some domestic 2.0 T gasoline engine, diesel but know the nose is the biggest advantage of torque,Peak torque is 450 nm, and can be triggered at very low revs, ideal for low speed off-road.The gearbox continues to match the Aisin 6AT, so the combination of 3.0T diesel and 6AT makes it almost impossible to pick out slot points.In contrast, at the present stage, all the domestic Jiangxi Isuzu Warrior series have 1.9T turbocharged engines. Although it is also a diesel engine head, the displacement is smaller after all, with a maximum output of only 122 kW and a peak torque of 360 NM.In the future, domestic Jiangxi Isuzu Ranger will probably not use the overseas version of 3.0T engine, after all, it is limited by the double points policy and the coffee law.Overall, the overseas new version of Isuzu Mocha has good selling points, and the three core parts are worthy of praise. The chassis adopts the overall bridge belt girder structure, which is the typical hard off-road vehicle non-carrying type body structure, and it is called the off-road master.The question is, why do you think the shepherd Ranger is not selling well in China?Welcome to leave a message in the comments section and discuss with fans!Spend a second point attention, make lifelong good friends!Part of the pictures come from the network, it is not easy to write, look forward to the three key.