Eleven blondes under $200, and there’s always one for you

2022-05-22 0 By

Chinese New Year, have you received lucky money?Do you want to spend money if you are rich, don’t worry, Brother Cat sorted out 11 types of blonde hair under 200 yuan, the follow-up will be under 300 red hair, about 50 black and white hair and a variety of cheap small accessories, don’t like to see the text, there will be a video version, please support a lot.Chicken gold (moon half dim), moonlight gold color, carefully carved, elegant calm.Niujin (gold drunk dream), gorgeous hairstyle style only beautiful, fritillion pearl material hair ornaments embellished in the hair, showing a unique luster and texture!Mature women dignified generous, semi-permeable hair ornaments such as butterfly habitat hair tip, ying ying sense of beauty;Into men with elegant oblique bangs matching shawl ponytail, in the natural and unrestrained highlight peerless expensive gas;Girl clever jiao qiao, gold ornament adds more elegant meaning;Just too handsome free and easy, make public wanton.Sister gold (yanxia) country gold (pavilion Yan Yue) meow gold (floating music) Phoenix gold (phoenix feather ripple), dream back to the classic curly hair style, light golden hair, such as waterfall, delicate hair ornaments highlight your gas, into the female with phoenix feather hair ornaments and earrings embellish, graceful and gentle;Girl unilateral side ponytail modelling, graceful and easy;Adult male bangs elegant, with feng feather hair ornaments highlight a different charm;Just style hair style expensive gas, hair ornaments embellishment more elegant.Pig’s foot gold/three generations of Mid-Autumn gold (moon rise zhi), classic modeling, elegant hair style, light golden satin hair such as haoxue silver hui pour down, and then to the exquisite auk moon crown chai and frost baiheng Zhi gauze silk wan, like the heavenly palace moon shadow, such as yugui fu frost.Fan-blonde: now there is only Such as Guile in the mall, so the other several fan-blonde are looking for the publicity pictures of the official expo, such as Guile Jin Yuanyuan Jin (Yuanyuan Dream) Island Jin (Island ice wheel) Bamboo shadow blonde (Bamboo shadow breeze)