Imported baby salt contains monosodium glutamate, parents expressed concern

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After the baby is one year old, many parents begin to add salt to the supplementary food to improve the flavor.Wuhan resident Ms Zhou, whose baby is two years old, bought imported baby salt a year ago, but recently ms Zhou found that the ingredients in the baby salt also contain MONOsodium glutamate, which made her a little worried.Wuhan citizen Ms Zhou: We usually eat salt is two or three yuan a pack, this salt to more than 30 yuan, is imported from the market.The baby salt bought by Ms. Zhou has been used for nearly a year, and the outer packaging has disappeared. According to her purchase records, the reporter found that it is a baby salt named “Ajinomoto”, made in Japan, and the advertisement claims that this product is “specially for curing children who do not like to eat”, and can “make the baby appetite.”Wuhan citizens Ms. Zhou bought when the man will introduce this is the child to eat salt, online listen to others say that the salt, in addition to salt and other bad MSG ingredients for children, do not know if there is an impact, the in the mind is very afraid.The reporter saw on a number of e-commerce websites that this ajinomoto seasoning salt is made of “glutamate sodium”. Then the reporter found the same type of baby salt in a maternal and child store in The Pan-Hai City Square in Jianghan District of Wuhan city. The ingredients marked in Chinese on the bottle contain edible salt and “glutamate sodium”.What kind of substance is this?Reporter: What is it this monosodium glutamate?Mother and baby shop Worker: It is equivalent to can be seasoned, it is also salt, it will be a little bit of flavor.Hubei province nutrition society student nutrition special committee vice director luo Wen: glutamate sodium is a flavor, fresh additives, MSG component is glutamate sodium, such as MONOsodium glutamate it is 100% synthetic, including chicken essence is also synthetic.It is understood that MONOsodium glutamate is used starch and other microbial fermentation, and then through a series of extraction process, finally get glutamate, and sodium combined with the formation of glutamate sodium.So is it safe?Hu Xiaosong, executive director of China Institute of Food Science and Technology: glutamate itself is not safe. Around 1988, the 19th session of the International Committee on Food Additives concluded more than 20 years of scientific research and came to a basic conclusion that the use of glutamate, commonly known as MONOsodium glutamate, is completely safe and reliable.Even so, many parents also like Ms. Zhou, for baby food supplement to add MSG, attitude is also very cautious.Reporter: At what age do you add salt to your children?Wuhan citizen: When I was more than one year old.Reporter: What about MSG?Wuhan citizen: our family did not buy MSG.Wuhan citizen: at most give him to eat some salt, sometimes baby soy sauce slightly add a little, monosodium glutamate do not eat, because all say contain chemical substance more.Wuhan citizen: Didn’t they say that you can’t give the baby something that accentuates the taste too early?So, add salt or other seasonings to baby complementary food, what should be paid attention to?Hubei province nutrition institute student nutrition special committee vice director luo Wen: we put forward light little salt little oil little sugar, from children began to grasp.Salt and MONOsodium glutamate are not recommended in the first year of life. Children under the age of six should not have more than 2 grams of salt per day. From the age of six to the age of 18, salt intake should be controlled under 5 grams and 4 grams per day.Source: Hubei Economic Bureau