The world: Zhou Rong is but a chess piece, Feng Cheng is also a tool

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Zhou Rong is known as Zhou Zhigang Li Suhua’s daughter, Zhou Bingyi’s sister, Zhou Bingkun’s sister, Hao Dongmei’s sister-in-law, zheng Juan’s sister-in-law, right?But because of her unique personality and lost a lot of passers-by fans, not only many audiences do not like her, to her husband later did not take her as the treasure in the heart of the hand, so that her husband finally cheated on the point.But all these are roots, is because Feng Huacheng Zhou Rong couple did not room caused.And since Zhou Rong divided three rooms a hall of the house, Zhou Rong also like changed a person, no longer like before, plus Yue Yue also returned to the side, the life of the family of three is more and more normalized.But it is in the case of the normalization of diplomatic relations between the husband and wife, Feng Turned into suddenly put forward to divorce, and even in the father-in-law kicked him several feet, still choose a divorce, you say is not very abrupt?In fact, from Zhou Rong divided the house to Feng Huacheng formally informed her divorce, this has passed a whole year of time, in the time of this year, Zhou Rong also became reasonable, Feng Huacheng also became sunny and cheerful, and more rare is in this year feng Huacheng actually personally cook two dishes.The first time was when the new house just came down, Feng Huacheng made a jacket, ham fresh bamboo shoots soup, bad goose’s feet duck letter, ham braised elbow, steamed lamb with milk, bean curd skin steamed stuffed bun. According to Feng Huacheng, it is to move to a new home, to have a good foundation, so he made some thick taste dishes.The second time is the qingming Festival, Feng Cheng made pearl fish eye soup, chicken, duck tongue, dragon, tiger and Phoenix simmer stone, mandarin duck five treasures stew, pearl jade white jade soup, this time Feng Cheng gave the reason is about to be divided, to some unique deepen memory.What a family moment, the sudden divorce, what do you think is going on?Although the time of the year big eve Feng Huacheng still king purple together with female students, but two people really just drink a little each other thanks to the next year, they didn’t do other, and when he left Feng Huacheng said: “three people’s pain let I a person to bear”, this means he even understand the hairtail in the fish tank, is can’t divorce with Zhou Rong.But who knows That Zhou Rong and Feng Huacheng’s good days just passed not to a year, turn to Chinese New Year’s Tomb-sweeping Day Feng Huacheng suddenly put forward a divorce, you said that had a good, the daughter also accepted her father, daughter-in-law has been dignified, and put forward a divorce, this Feng Huacheng is not a tool?Complex point is that Feng Huacheng feel the lack of passion in life, simple point said that Feng Huacheng’s empathy is to prove CAI Xiaoguang’s special liking, and Zhou Rong, became the chess pieces of CAI Xiaoguang love chessboard, you feel pinched?END