“Freedom” and “Chains”

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Djokovic has insisted on his vaccine stance in an interview with BBC.Not against vaccination.2. Support individual freedom to choose whether or not to be vaccinated.3. Be willing to accept the price of not being able to play at The French Open, Wimbledon, etc.4. Be “open” about getting vaccinated.5. The whole world is working on the “epidemic” and will take it very seriously.What do you think of dejo as a fan?Disappointed?Or are you just disappointed to “not see him on the court”?All England Club committee member Tim.”Losing his chance to play in a Grand Slam will definitely affect his chances of becoming” the greatest male player of all time, “Henman said.But it speaks volumes about his conviction and courage.It may not be what I want to hear in an interview, but it may be what I expect.”Do many of dejo’s fans feel the same way about Henman?!On the one hand, they have the freedom to choose whether to be vaccinated or not, but they have to wear the shackles of not being able to travel and compete freely.One side is for the highest career goals, helpless vaccination, in exchange for the freedom to travel to compete…Djokovic chose the former.In fact, compared to the fans’ entanglements, There seems to be no choice for Dejot himself, everything seems to be more light…He said the Australian Open final, his wife supported Medvedev, his son supported Nadal…He said that even if he can’t play, he can play at NOVAK Center, he can be a coach, a coach…Perhaps he was obsessed with making tennis history, but even more obsessed with the game itself;Perhaps, he is obsessed with winning, but more obsessed with inner freedom.Freedom and chains, each man has his own ruler.If we only see Djokovic as a good tennis player, then he has a personal will and concept.If he’s your favorite player, you may first admire his skill and second, you may think he shares similar values to you (or just expect it).However, different living environment, cultural background, growth experience, formed people’s different ideas.Since 2011, Djokovic has overcome the difficulties caused by his long-term “gluten allergy” in his career through strict diet control.Over the years, he thought he had achieved a perfect harmony, or “match,” between his body and the game of tennis.If he’s willing to skip major tournaments like Roland Garros and Wimbledon rather than risk vaccinations, it’s a clear indication that his comeback efforts over the years to keep his body in good shape are more than a “strict diet.””No champion is more important than the body.”That’s djokovic’s answer.If you have no doubts about vaccines, it’s because you have an OPEN faith in the science.Of course, it could be something else.But there are many people in this world who are other…[come see me][come see me][bow][bow][rose][rose]