The Hebei army failed to concentrate as scheduled

2022-05-23 0 By

The Spring Festival holiday has passed, the Chinese Super League teams have gathered for winter training.According to the previous plan, Hebei team should have closed the holiday on the 8th, but in the 8th afternoon, Hebei club announced that the first team winter training work has been postponed for some reasons.In the past year, Hebei Club has been facing great financial difficulties, the future is uncertain, now the hebei team winter training plan change, is widely seen as a negative signal.Last season, Hebei was one of the most difficult teams in the Chinese Super League, because the club was unable to support, not only the team was suspended for a holiday, the club has been suspended.However, because in the first phase of the Chinese Super league competition to break into the top four, into the championship group, in the second phase of the Hebei team do not have to worry about relegation.In addition, the league adopts a competition system, so the team does not need to spend extra money after entering the division, which enables Hebei to complete the whole season smoothly.But financial difficulties still, hebei club also put the hope of survival in the stock reform, this is their only way out.On January 21, Hebei club announced that the first team would tentatively assemble on February 8.It seems that this announcement has released good news, but some people think that the club’s move has urged the relevant parties to promote the meaning of the share reform, and can not show that the share reform has made substantial progress.Now, Hebei team failed to focus on winter training as planned, the club’s future prospects are still not optimistic.Standing in the maintenance of league development Angle, we are not willing to see similar to the dissolution of the Suning team so things happen again.But CSL does exist a lot of crisis, only the clubs have successfully passed the access audit, the crisis can be removed.Now, no one can predict the end result.If there are super teams can not continue to support, in accordance with the rules, dalian team will be qualified to return to the Super team.Peninsula Morning Post, 39 degrees video reporter Sui Haitao