Why is there always a market for fake charity

2022-05-23 0 By

“Where are the clothes you donated?”Media investigations have found that a used clothes collection box can be ordered on Taobao for as little as 400 yuan without any qualification certificate for public fundraising.The text on the box can be printed at will, and some businesses even suggest printing “Charity Federation” to attract citizens to donate.Behind these recycling bins in the name of charity, there are many “private dealers” who resell used clothes.We might think that old love is deep and love is circulating, but in fact public love is being sold by the ton. Harvesting public love in this way will only tarnish the image of charity and reduce social trust.In love, deliberately misleading the public donation is cheating;According to the law, public fundraising by organizations or individuals that are not qualified for public fundraising violates the Charity Law.In order to sell used clothes recycling boxes, the merchants instigated used clothes dealers to mislead the public and evade supervision, and should also bear some responsibility.In 2019, the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MOCA) issued a clear reminder that organizations or individuals not qualified for Public Fundraising should not conduct Public Fundraising activities, calling fake charity activities that defraud property in the name of charity or fake charity organizations “fraud”.Many cities have also carried out used clothes recycling bins to clean up the rectification action, but “charity used clothes recycling” still has a market.On the one hand, the management departments of used clothes recycling bins in different cities are not the same, resulting in the absence of supervision.On the other hand, it is related to some people’s connivance. The most typical voice is “it is better to be sold than thrown away”.In fact, rather than helping a specific group of people, they value recycling channels for used clothes, charitable or not, as long as they don’t end up in the trash and get burned.This is for environmental reasons, not charity.With the improvement of people’s living standard and the influence of fast fashion’s consumption concept, the problem of excessive consumption and a large number of idle clothes has gradually become prominent.Data revealed by the Textile Industry Exchange Conference shows that China’s per capita fiber consumption is 22.4 kg, basically reaching the level of moderately developed countries. Every year, about 6 million tons of waste textiles are generated in the production and consumption process (excluding stock), and the annual growth rate is more than 10%.From the perspective of philanthropy, large and disorderly donations need to be transformed into targeted donations, with more effective donations and transparency throughout the donation process.From the perspective of environmental protection, the used clothes recycling industry system needs to be further developed to keep up with the rising demand for used clothes recycling.Whether philanthropy or business model, promote recycling old clothes, need to establish a clear responsibility and power management system, perfecting the classification, recycling and reusing waste textiles such as standard, provide people with convenient, transparent and efficient old clothes recycling channels, so as to reduce waste and pollution, improve the level of resources recycling, promote the development of green low carbon cycle.(Source: Nanfang Daily)