Zhengzhou Industry and information bureau retired party committee held party committee (expanded) meeting

2022-05-23 0 By

On February 24th, the retired Party committee of Zhengzhou Industry and Information Technology Bureau held a party committee (expanded) meeting to study and discuss the main points of the annual work and arrange and deploy the recent key work.Dai Xiangyang, a member of the bureau’s leading party group, a first-level researcher and retired party secretary, attended the meeting and made a speech. Yuan Qingcen, a third-level researcher of the bureau, attended the meeting. All retired party members, party branch secretaries, retired offices and retired centers attended the meeting.The meeting studied and made arrangements for the preparation for the election of retired Party committees, notified the latest standards for collecting Party fees, and made arrangements for key work such as striving for excellence in Party branches, visiting veteran cadres, subscribing to newspapers and periodicals, building spiritual civilization and building peace and security. Participants conducted in-depth research and discussion.Dai Xiangyang stressed that this year is the year of the party’s 20th National Congress, the service work for retired cadres should focus on three aspects: first, we should have a clear understanding of the situation, improve the standing, take the stability of the ranks of veteran cadres as the top priority to pay close attention to, ensure stability, promote harmony, and contribute to the party’s 20th National Congress.Second, we need to identify gaps, take the initiative, and move our work to a higher level.Third, we need to work in unison and in solidarity. We need to serve the party well with affection and responsibility, and guide veteran officials to make new contributions to the cause of the Party and the country.