Canada’s prime minister has used a rare emergency bill to quell a trucker demonstration

2022-05-24 0 By

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday used a rare emergency bill to temporarily grant the federal government more powers to quell days of trucker protests in the country.The bill, called the Emergency Law, was passed in 1988.According to CNN, it will be the first time in the history of the Canadian government that such a bill has been initiated.The act gives the federal government broad powers, such as restricting free movement and assembly, freezing personal and business accounts, cutting off access to finance, and using the military and federal police.Trudeau said at a press conference on Monday that the bill will be used only at a certain time and place, and will not be expanded.”The blockade is harming the economy and public safety,” Trudeau said.We cannot and will not allow these dangerous violations to continue.”Trudeau held a video conference with provincial premiers before his press conference.Ontario, where Ottawa is located, said it supported the use of emergency legislation, but Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan opposed it.Quebec Premier Francois Legault said Trudeau’s move was “throwing gasoline on the fire.”According to Reuters, the Canadian government will mobilize the federal police to help local law enforcement response to protests, towed Wall Street in the capital city of Ottawa and the crossing points of truck fleet, frozen protesters and supporters of personal and corporate banking account, suspend truck vehicle insurance, kill all the raise website and payment platform for protesters contributions.Canadian truckers’ protests have been embraced by conservatives and the right, with online donations, about half of which came from the United States.Several canada-US border crossings and downtown Ottawa have been blocked by protesters with trucks in recent days.The Largest overland trade route between Canada and the United States, the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor, Ontario, Canada and Detroit, Michigan, the United States, was finally reopened Wednesday night.However, the border crossing between Coutts, Alberta, Canada and Sweetgrass, Montana, the United States broke out in a conflict on Wednesday.Rangers arrested 11 rioters and seized a large number of guns and ammunition Wednesday as protesters tried to ram trucks and tractors into police cars, local officials said.The demonstration was sparked by new rules announced by the Canadian government in mid-January.The government requires truck drivers to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination when entering Canada from the U.S.The US followed suit a few days later.Truckers in Canada and the United States opposed the new rules in large numbers, and demonstrations under the banner of a “freedom convoy” drove into Ottawa in late January. Demonstrations have since spread across Canada and spilled over to other countries.There were similar demonstrations in France, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.Ottawa declared a state of emergency on Monday, while Ontario Premier Doug Ford declared a state of emergency for the entire province on Monday, making it clear that obstructing traffic along critical infrastructure is “illegal” and punishable by fines of up to 100,000 Canadian dollars (500,000 yuan) and up to a year in jail.(Wang Hongbin) Editor: Meng Jie