Copyright protection warning list of the second batch of key works in 2022

2022-05-24 0 By

In accordance with the Opinions of the National Copyright Administration on Further Strengthening the Supervision of Copyright of Works Transmitted through the Internet and the work plan of key copyright Supervision, the second batch of key copyright protection early warning list of 2022 is hereby published according to the authorization of works reported by relevant right holders.Relevant Internet service providers shall take the following protection measures for key cinema films in the early warning list of copyright protection: The Internet service providers that directly provide content shall not provide works in the early warning list of copyright protection during the period of the film’s release;Internet service providers providing storage space should prohibit users from uploading works in the early warning list of copyright protection;Relevant Internet service providers should speed up the handling of notices from copyright owners in the copyright protection early warning list about deleting infringing content or disconnecting infringing links.Local copyright administrative law enforcement and supervision departments shall issue copyright early warning hints to major local Internet service providers to strengthen copyright monitoring and supervision.Those who illegally disseminate key works of early warning for copyright protection through information networks without authorization shall be investigated and dealt with strictly and promptly in accordance with the law.Source: National Copyright editor/Wu Maotian proof reading/Gong Pukang review/Xie Yike producer/Long Xiaoqin Submission email Tel: 8612982 (Sanjiangrong Media Center) 8611950 (Amorous Style Sanjiang) Amorous Style Sanjiang wechat account:Sjcyq999666 Statement: the above content, without the permission of the author, shall not be reproduced.