NBA all corners of the country see person next dish dish: postman overturn assassin nobody query, Fat see Duncan take the initiative to get up

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NBA is a top professional league as well as a huge basketball arena. Since it is a arena, there must be a sense of the world, so the phenomenon of watching people drop dishes is also widespread.For example, the most intuitive star whistle, the referee will have a certain degree of preferential treatment for the big names, in addition to a lot of classic distinction between the treatment of the “famous scene”, we will take stock of it.▼ tipped Thomas Malone nobody questioned the legions of bad boy is famous for its action is fierce, the team have a bill, mahon, Thomas, rodman, a group of evil, and the lakers, celtics, bull fighting many times in the playoffs, Michael Jordan, larry bird, magic has encountered the basketball movement, can say when the pistons are full of the wicked.But even this team is almost universally feared, there are lessons, collective silence moments, lessons they have a pair of iron elbow Karl Malone.Postman elbow has suffered countless people, including pistons boss smile assassin Thomas the most miserable, Malone deliberately knocked an elbow to the ground, eyes blood, more than 40 stitches after the game.The reason goes back to Jordan.When the bad boys repeatedly blocked Jordan in the Eastern Conference playoffs, Chuck Daly even said, “I want to see Jordan’s blood.”The great Jordan defeated the Pistons in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals, and the pistons never challenged the Flyers again.But the tension between the two sides was so deep that during the 1992 Olympic trials, Jordan asked that Thomas not be recruited, so a spot at the no. 1 spot was left open, which was taken by Stockton, one of the Jazz’s two foes.Thomas not only hated Jordan, but also wanted to humiliate Stockton, so in a regular season game, Thomas used his offensive ability to repeatedly one-on-one stockton.Malone couldn’t bear to see his partner get bullied, and then, as mentioned earlier, Malone deliberately elbowed Thomas on his way down the road.But that’s not the point. The point is that not one of the pistons’ villains dared to question Malone after that.Rodman stood there, Lambier talked to the refs, and he didn’t even go to Malone’s side. Daly was agitated, but waved, complained, and yelled at the refs. Malone was standing under the basket, and no pistons got near him.Look in on the fight, even if is a famous bad boy legion, is also at the food dish, dare you changed other players the team boss Thomas, has long been a large-scale conflict, but in the face of Karl Malone, piston players but the anger is gone, look who is a tiger in the NBA, we all have an account.▼ harden in a special case of the rockets is said to harden in the nets have no time, and the pitch is uncomfortable, the field of uncomfortable good understanding, durant again injured, Owen played on and off, harden a person lead very hard, often will play more than 40 minutes, for harden the age, really uncomfortable.The off-court discomfort is the lack of privilege. Harden was the absolute big brother on the Rockets, and the big brother with the privilege.For consecutive road games, harden would tell his team that he would stay the night in a big, glitzy metropolis, that they would go to the next road trip, and that he would meet the team the next day.Many of the team’s biggest names have the same privilege, but Harden certainly enjoys it the most.But there are three big stars in the Nets, Harden is the last to come, once the franchise natural no, off the court life is not as rich as the Rockets, for the fun harden, certainly not comfortable.Therefore, playing in the NBA is the pursuit of many stars, not only fame and wealth, in the field and off the court is a variety of privileges are people can not stop, coaches and management team rules will see people under dishes, especially for the big players will be preferential treatment, even conniving.The only exception is the Spurs, where Popovich treats all players equally, Duncan, Parker, ginobili if they don’t play well, and Harden’s privilege to enjoy life is out of the question.As such, the Spurs were once the most disciplined and consistent team in the NBA.But for the same reason, hit the value of Leonard’s heart to leave the team, because Leonard is to do the core boss, inside and outside the privileges can not be less, Popovich is impossible to meet his requirements, so can only part ways.Shaquille O ‘Neal is one of the greatest players in NBA history. He is also considered by many to be the best center in NBA history.Of course, the young players also generally recognized the status of sharks, weekdays to see me to take the initiative to say hello.For example, during a pre-game warm-up between the Thunder and spurs, Shaquille O ‘Neal came to the sideline early, and the Thunder players came one by one to chat with shaquille o ‘Neal.But O ‘Neal was so pompous that he would sit and shake hands and talk to anyone who came, even Durant.But when The Spurs were warming up and Duncan came over to greet them, O ‘Neal jumped up and shook hands with Duncan, a sign of how much he valued Duncan.This kind of status is also played out in that year, whether it is record, statistics or actual combat performance level, that year can and peak shark arm only Stone Buddha Duncan.The spurs couldn’t stop Shaq when they were mismatched, and the lakers couldn’t stop Duncan when shaq and Shifo went head-to-head in the clutch.Duncan had a hard time getting to the rim, Shaq had a hard time getting to the rim, and blocked shots for each other.It was this close rivalry that made O ‘Neal respect Duncan more than any other player.NBA game confrontation, verbal altercations and even physical conflict is inevitable, then is usually to kiss not to reason, but in special circumstances not necessarily, such as once Bryant scolded Rondo.When two people or in a different green shirt, a confrontation rondo’s big action irritated Bryant and see kobe Bryant as rondo nose yelling, at this time the big brother is not the green army of rondo and garnett and ray Allen come directly taking rondo, and rondo to intercede for Kevin garnett to Bryant said: “don’t be angry, he is still a child.This persuasion opponent calm scene is really rare, for the general star rondo so shouted, the green army several big brother will help the little brother to speak, but because the opposite is Kobe Bryant, the status of the river’s lake high senior foot, so it is necessary to change a gentle way, to persuade Kobe Bryant down.Kobe’s position is years of actual combat struggle out, his technical ability and spiritual will, let a lot of peers admire, even the protagonist of the episode rondo is so.Later, Rondo often consulted Bryant on major decisions, and minor conflicts on the court were long gone.