Small size, large size, 305km range with fast charging, very suitable for family mobility, let you see KiWi EV

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With the increase of car ownership in cities, the restrictions have followed, and with rising fuel prices, many car owners are frustrated.In fact, for these two problems mentioned above, a pure electric car can be done.In the past, in the pure electricity market, high quality is not cheap, cheap has no experience, resulting in many consumers hesitate.But now, with the progress of the automobile industry, there are many cheap electric cars with good experience, such as the Baojun KiWi EV.KiWi EV is a mini electric vehicle launched on August 31 this year, with two configurations, priced at 698-78,800 yuan. According to the official data, the order volume has exceeded 3000 in 7 days and over 6000 in 20 days, showing a momentum of “fierce”.Why are so many consumers willing to pay for the KiWi EV, which is cheaper than its peers?As to this question, we might as well look for the answer in terms of product power.As the consumer group is getting younger, the appearance level has gradually become an important indicator to determine the current automobile product power. KiWi EV naturally understands this truth, and the whole vehicle has a sense of future science and technology, and a strong sense of modern fashion.The floating cockpit design and the “two-tone” two-color design approach show a more personalized, avant-garde look, further enrich the visual effect.It is worth noting that KiWi EV also provides a “golden photo booth” for ladies who like to take photos, so that they can find the most appropriate Angle and position for posing.Moving to the side, the KiWi EV uses a lot of streamlined design, combined with a hidden door handle for advanced feel and reduced wind resistance.In terms of size, KiWi EV is 2894/1655/1595mm long, wide and high, respectively, with a wheelbase of 2020mm. Its small body is flexible in streets and alleys, making it easy to “fit in” even during rush hours.The rear of the KiWi EV also features rounded corners, which both accentuate the integrity of the vehicle and further enhance the visual aesthetic.Admittedly, the KiWi EV does appeal to me on the outside, but I prefer the interior.We all know that electric vehicles are born for environmental protection. In order to implement this concept, KiWi EV uses composite materials with rice straw plant fiber accounting for more than 20% in 12 parts such as the central control station and door panel, which is characterized by low volatilization, no peculiar smell and easy degradation.At the same time, the manual air conditioner with PM2.5 air conditioner filter can bring users a clean and healthy space in the car.In addition, the KiWi EV has a full four-seater layout, and the seats are available in light and dark colors, with the former relatively clean and easy to manage, and the latter more elegant.In addition, KiWi EV also uses textured leather-covered seats, which have a delicate touch and moderate hardness and comfort.In terms of space, the front row vertical and horizontal space is still spacious for the 1.75m height experiential, and the one-button access handle on the back of the co-driver’s seat is relatively simple to operate, and the access to the back row is also relatively easy.After sitting in the back row, the space in the rules, the short ride no problem.As for battery life and charging, the KiWi EV is equipped with a 31.9kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, which has a nominal range of 305km, enough to meet the needs of daily urban commuting.The KiWi EV also comes with a QUICK DC charge, which can charge from 30% to 80% in an hour.As for power, the KiWi EV is equipped with a rear-mounted permanent magnet/synchronous motor with a total power of 40kW and a total torque of 150N·m. It accelerates rapidly in the early stages below 60km/h without too much pressure in the urban commute.As for chassis suspension, KiWi EV is equipped with a combination of former McPherson independent suspension and rear double wisharm independent suspension. In terms of “hardware”, it is ahead of many other models of the same class. In addition, according to the author’s last test drive, the shock absorption effect of this suspension is quite good, and the comfort is worthy of recognition.In general, although the price of Baojun KiWi EV does not have a big advantage over other cars of the same class, the overall product strength is relatively good. It not only has a 305km range, but also has highlights such as fast charging and four-wheel independent suspension. Moreover, it can also choose intelligent technology package, including automatic parking, 360-degree panoramic image and other rare scientific and technological equipment of the same class.Compared with euler White Cat and Chery Little Ant models with the same price, it is easier to bring better car quality, which is more suitable for the little sister with higher pursuit of travel quality.So what do you think of the KiWi EV?The event will run from February 7, 2022 to February 28, 2022