Spring outing dongpo Chibi

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Dongpo chibi is located in the northwest of the city of his, was built in the early years of the western jin dynasty, rebuilt many times, after the period of northern song dynasty, the great writer su dongpo for his “WuTaiShi case”, wrote the famous literary works such as spread through the ages before and after work, his red cliff became famous Chinese and foreign famous cultural sites, and associated with the name of su dongpo, the qing emperor kangxi dynasty renamed “dongpo chibi”.Not long ago, my friends and I came to Huangzhou and visited the Eastern slope of chibi.After we arrived in Huangzhou city from the ancient Han Chuan gate westwards, see nearby green trees red walls, heavy buildings stacked pavilion buildings, distributed in the red nose mountain, this is the dongpo Chibi.The eastern slope of chibi is called Chibi because there are rocks protruding like city walls and the color is ochre red.Chibi is known for its picturesque scenery.Its ancient architecture depends on the mountain, simple and elegant with a strong national style.Now dongpo Chibi has become a park.There are dongpo statues in the square of Chibi Park, with beautiful beard and elegant clothes.Su Shi in front of the reporter’s hand holding the book, looking up, like is conceiving a new poem.According to historical records, when he first arrived in Huangzhou, Su Dongpo was still frightened by the political persecution he had just encountered. However, once he settled down in Huangzhou and immersed himself in the landscape and people’s life, the unrestrained poet soon became comfortable with the situation and began to explore and enjoy the pure beauty of huangzhou landscape with his eyes good at capturing beauty and fun.When Su Dongpo was banished to Huangzhou, there was still a distance between the ancient city of Huangzhou and chibi river.Su Dongpo often went out of town to visit Chibi.At that time red cliff called red nose ji, for the river stands alone mountain.It was here that Su Dongpo wrote his last poem “Erfu” and many excellent poems. The fame of the article was so great that the name of the author was linked with The Red Cliff, while the real site of the famous battle in history has gradually faded from the memory of later generations.At the end of The Qing Dynasty kangxi rebuilt Chibi, guo Chaozuo, then governor of Huangzhou, named it “Dongpo Chibi”.Dongpo Chibi after several fires, the existing buildings are mostly built in the Tongzhi years of the Qing Dynasty.Enter the park gate, but see red rock towering, towering bamboo trees;Climb the stairs, and then pass an ancient gate, it is the world famous dongpo Chibi.It is backed by mountains and faces the mighty Yangtze River.Rocky head pavilions, winding path through you, moving scenery, is a typical jiangnan garden scenery.Climb the building overlooking, picturesque scenery panoramic view.Most of the historic sites here are related to Su Shi, such as two Fu Hall, Po Xian Pavilion, stay Immortal Pavilion, monument pavilion, etc.Carved eaves gallery, exquisitely beautiful two fu Tang was built in the early Qing Dynasty, tongzhi seven years of reconstruction, because of the memory of Su Shi chibi two fu named.Two Fu Hall is an antique wooden building, facing the river, paved with blue bricks, open and bright.The wood wall in the middle of the hall is about two zhang high, wide and the hall, front engraved “before chibi Fu”, back engraved “after chibi fu”.The former Chibi fu was written by Cheng Zhizhen, a man of qing Dynasty.On the back of “After the Red Cliff fu” han Li and Wei bei phase, heroic and handsome, vigorous and powerful.The horizontal tablet of Fu Hall was inscribed by Li Hongzhang, and the couplet in front of fu Hall was written by Huang Xing, leader of the Revolution of 1911.Two fu Hall for the east of the pavilion, pavilion “Dongpo Li Lu tu” stone carvings and Su Shi for its nursing mother Ren Cailian wrote a tombstone, as well as the modern celebrity painting “Red Cliff rafting map” and the late Qing Dynasty Yang Shoujing book “Liu Xiange record” stone carvings.Leave immortal pavilion east ten steps is tablet pavilion, embedded in dongpo calligraphy 108 pieces of stone, Yang Shoujing integrated “Jingsu Garden paste”, known as a rare treasure.2 Fu Tang south ten steps have A Sprinkling pavilion, take su zi “a bottle also Sprinkling month” meaning, pavilion embedded in the Qing Emperor Kangxi copy of the Yuan dynasty calligrapher Zhao Meng ð« high hand “before the Red Cliff fu” stone carvings and dynasties celebrities stone2. Sprinkling is located in the west of sprinkling, with a stone carving in cursive script of Su Dongpo’s famous book “Nianlujiao · Chibi Remembering the Past”.It is said that this piece of cursive was written after he was drunk, with strange strength and xiao Li without detention. It is recognized as the treasure in the Su Post.Pavilion also has su Shi painting “moon plum” stone carving, the picture of the crescent high hanging, an old plum, old tree new branches, revealing a ray of vitality.Po Xian Pavilion under the west more than ten steps to sleep xian Pavilion, built in the Song Dynasty, the Reconstruction of the Qing Tongzhi years.Pavilion stone bed stone pillow.Legend has it that Su Shi and his friends traveled to Red Cliff drunk, once lay down here.The red cliff stone under the pavilion is inlaid with a stone tablet of “Red Cliff” written by Zhong Gu, a calligrapher of the Qing Dynasty.In ancient times, the river has since passed, so far there are traces of water scouring and punting poles on the cliffs.The qixia building inscribed by MAO Dun is located at the highest point of Chibi rocky, with four floors high, cornices and red jacking tiles.Railing overlooking, but see the river, distant mountain number, see endless scenery.