A daily increase of nearly 20,000, I say a fair word for Shanghai!

2022-05-25 0 By

The epidemic in Shanghai is still very serious.When I woke up this morning, I was a little scared to see that the number of new employees increased by nearly 20,000 on April 6th.In the next few days, as the intensity of nucleic acid in Shanghai increases again, it is estimated that the new data will run at a high level.What does the future hold?How should we view the current outbreak in Shanghai?I personally have a little immature idea.The biggest idea is that this round of epidemic in Shanghai is more than wuhan two years ago.To be honest, the impact of the current outbreak in Shanghai, both in terms of the number of people infected and its impact on the economy, is greater than that of wuhan in late 2019 and early 2020.Of course, I also want to say a fair word for Shanghai.The size of Shanghai is smaller than that of Wuhan, which has a permanent population of about 13.5 million and Shanghai about 25 million.That is to say, Shanghai has a larger population than Wuhan, nearly 12 million more.To do a very general math, Shanghai’s population is roughly the same size as wuhan’s twice.Just from the perspective of population size, it is much more difficult for Shanghai to take containment measures than Wuhan.Therefore, I am not surprised to see all kinds of breaking news in recent days, such as food is not available, medical aid is not timely, nucleic acid queue and quarrel, etc.Because it’s really hard to manage.To take an example, Shanghai used to be a market economy, and many things were operating spontaneously. Now it is suddenly becoming a planned economy, regulated by planning. Manpower, system and management all have to adapt to each other.But it must be noted that saying something fair for Shanghai does not mean that Shanghai cannot criticize.There is one big difference between today’s epidemic and the one in Wuhan more than two years ago: two years ago, everything was unknown.At the time of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, there was uncertainty, confusion, panic, inadequate preparedness, panic.However, over the past two years, many Cities in China have experienced the epidemic, and various emergency plans and combat drills have been conducted many times.More than two years ago, there was no nucleic acid test, and makeshift hospitals were still demonstrating how the virus was transmitted.More than two years later, none of this is a problem.This is not the first time that Shanghai has faced the epidemic. How could such a big problem occur?To make a perhaps inappropriate analogy, wuhan was a sudden, closed-book examination with very difficult questions.And Shanghai, although be not open book examination, but before this close book examination, already had a lot of people remind, want to take an exam possibly immediately, must be prepared.Think of this point, perhaps on today’s Shanghai face such as the tide of general criticism of public opinion, it is not difficult to understand.I have lived in Shanghai for three years and I love the city very much.I sincerely wish Shanghai an early turnaround.Shanghai is not peaceful, and Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Nanjing and Hangzhou in the Yangtze River Delta can not feel at ease.If Shanghai does not return to normal, the countless people who come to Shanghai for study, medical treatment and tourism will not be able to take shape.In magnification, Shanghai’s import and export trade, logistics, finance and so on are not as usual!