Interesting!Barca parallel goods want to go but no one to, the former teacher denied contact, But Harvey to support him

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In the past winter window, Barcelona fans must be quite comfortable, Barcelona winter window in succession to bring in 4 strikers, including Aubameyang, including 3 strikers, so that Barcelona’s forward strength has been greatly improved, coupled with the loan of Coutinho to Villa, also greatly reduced the salary space.It is estimated that the only thing that Barcelona almost failed to send away is dembele, as early as the winter window, Dembele on the renewal of the “lion big mouth”, a 40 million euro annual salary and 20 million signing fee, such a renewal conditions even “rich” Newcastle are reluctant, let alone the financial crisis barca.Dembele is clearly determined to leave the Nou Camp, with only six months left on his contract and is free to leave barca if the extension falls through.So both barca management and fans have condemned Dembele’s ingratitude.Since 130 million for a fee to join Barcelona, Mr Lai has been sidelined with injury, but Barcelona still hope to him, after all, considering that she was old, he still has a lot of a rise in space, but unfortunately, due to such antipathy, this has let Mr Lai is regarded as the club’s “blacklist”, barca President Joan laporta even the truth,A player who does not want to renew his contract and is guaranteed to leave next season should not be given a chance.Barcelona have been selling dembele around during the winter window, with several foreign reports suggesting he could move to Chelsea or Paris.Unfortunately, no team was willing to take over, as no team wants to pay a transfer fee for a player with frequent injuries and no discipline.His former mentor, Tuchel, also revealed that Chelsea had not contacted dembele during the winter window, adding to the embarrassment of the player’s desire to leave.Dembele’s demand for a huge salary has also annoyed other clubs, who do not want to buy a player who has been robbed.Surprisingly, dembele is in a poor condition, but Barcelona coach Xavi still expects dembele to be available for the second half of the season.Although Barcelona the premiership has title hopes, king’s cup were knocked out, but for a place in the champions league and Europa league two fronts, want to rely on phelan – fernando torres, was withdrawn and Obama MeiYang sa was not enough, considering that she lai in the side or have a certain impact, Harvey knowing Mr Lai fell out with the club, but I still hope he can continue to play for the team.