Jinmao Riverside family will be available soon

2022-05-25 0 By

Jin MAO Riverside family is located in pingyang Road west a lane and binhe East road intersection southeast corner, is expected to be available in June!The project belongs to the core of the south City like The Yangyang Qinxian Mansion on the west of Pingyang Road and the Yuanda Central Park on the west of Changzhi Road!The project to fenhe Park only 50 meters or so, the landscape advantage is obvious, and The Lihua piece of real estate from fenhe more than 500 meters!Changfeng Qinxian Business Circle in the south, Yingze high quality education resources in the north, Metro Line 2 in the east…Rail transit, parks, business and other comprehensive facilities are perfect, while it has the advantage of landscape, and its popularity in the high-end market will be more and more high in the second half of the year!The most important thing is that the real estate is the only pure new brand real estate in the area in the past 10 years, just like China Resources Ziyun Mansion in xuefu Street in 2020-2021, which will be sought after by geographical customers.The volume of the project is small, with a plot ratio of 3.5 and a greening rate of 40-45%. There are more than 500 large flat floors of 210-400 square meters in total. The height of the floor is 3.5 meters.What is the core property in the south City most expected in 2022?