On-site reception on-site delivery!Suining’s first minimum unit “12345” direct point listing

2022-05-25 0 By

On March 22, suining’s first minimum unit “12345” convenient service hotline direct point was set up in Guihua Town, Chuanshan District. This is the first minimum unit “12345” direct point set up in the city at the grassroots level. It is understood that the “12345” direct point will establish and improve a set of working mechanisms such as the collection, handling, return visit, supervision, evaluation and rectification of people’s opinions.Through activities such as “Sunshine asking for efficiency”, “Sunshine asking for rights” and “12345 Drying account Day”, it will be more convenient for the people to reflect the demands of people’s livelihood at the nearest place, further integrate supervision resources, smooth the channels for grassroots people to appeal, so that work can be carried out on the front line, problems solved on the front line, and results reflected on the front line.Specifically, osmanthus town “12345” convenient service hotline direct point will establish a site access system, by the hotline handling personnel to 12345 direct point site access once a month, the site handed over, the site to solve the demands of the masses.At the same time, the service will be moved forward, take the initiative to collect people’s difficulties and problems in production and life, the first time to help the people to solve the problem.In addition, will also improve the “a group a list” system (exposure to accounts, evaluation group, red and black list), to carry out “12345 exposure to accounts”, the town in charge of the leadership and management personnel on-site report to the masses directly handle the handling of points and key cases, accept the masses to inquire, on-site answer questions.And the establishment of “two members and a representative”, new village representatives, retired teachers, representatives of the masses and other “evaluation team”, on the handling of work orders and questions to vote evaluation, monthly elected “12345 convenient service hotline for red and black list”, effectively play a similar demonstration leading and warning deterrent role.Source: Xu Gang Suining Media Group Suining Observation