The preliminary results of the 2022 Navy recruitment test are announced!Online declaration of political assessment information extended to February 18!Here’s the declaration guide

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The results of the regional preliminary examination for the 2022 Naval recruitment online have been announced.Students can log in to the navy Recruitment website (, register an account with their ID number, and check the results on their home page.The online political assessment information application period for the initial inspection of the 2022 PLA Navy recruitment has been extended to February 18. Students who are qualified for the preliminary inspection must complete the application before the deadline, download and print relevant forms, and sign and seal as required, so as not to affect the subsequent inspection.For more information, call 010-66959261/66959262.Guidelines for Online Application of Political Assessment Information in Naval Recruitment I. Preparation for Filling in 1. Applicants shall be qualified candidates in the preliminary examination of Naval recruitment.2. Have a computer that can access the Internet.Ii. The time limit shall be subject to the time limit specified in the announcement of Navy Recruitment Website.Those who input incomplete, false or overdue information will not be able to participate in the comprehensive examination of naval recruitment.1. Link to “Navy Recruitment website”, IE browser is recommended;(1) Enter “” or “Naval recruitment” in the address bar.China “;(2) Use the search engine to enter the keywords of “PLA Navy Recruitment website”, and enter the official website of “PLA Navy Recruitment Website”.(1) Click the “Register” button in the upper right corner of the homepage of the website, enter the id number and relevant information of the target and submit the registration;3. Log in to the personal center. (1) Enter the User name and password to log in to the Personal Center page.(2) After successful login, click “Political Assessment” to enter the information filling interface of political assessment of Naval Recruitment.(3) After carefully browsing the application guide and accurately understanding the application requirements, click “Fill in political Assessment Information” to enter the “Political Assessment Information Application System for Naval Recruitment”.4. Log in to the political assessment Information Reporting system. (1) The login name is the ID number of the recruitment target, and the initial password is 123456.Change the password immediately after login and protect the password to prevent information leakage. After the password is changed, the system returns to the login page.Note: Only qualified students can log in this system.(2) Use the new password to log in to the system again.If you forget your password after modification, you can call the Navy Recruitment Office to reset it.5. Check my basic information (1) Check my basic information carefully in the box of initial check and pre-selection after entering the system;(2) If any error is found, call the Navy Recruitment office to explain the situation in time, and fill in the online report after the information is corrected.Step 1: Fill in basic information 1.1 “Name”, “date of birth”, “nationality” and “ID number” shall be subject to the registration on the resident id card;1.2 “Used name” and “Household category” shall be subject to the registration in the household Register;1.3 “Only child” fill in whether the target is an only child;1.4 “Graduation Class” fill in the name of the graduating class of the school, and cadets fill in the name of their department and cadet team;1.5 the “Registered address” shall be subject to the id card or household register. In case of any discrepancy, the current registered address shall prevail.Cadets fill in the address of household registration before enlistment;1.6 fill in the name of the police station to which the household registration belongs (the official seal on the first page of the household registration book shall prevail, and the actual situation shall prevail if the organization is changed). If the information of the police station is not in the system, you can apply to add it, and the information will be reviewed within three working days. After passing the examination, you can log in the system to declare;1.7 “Permanent Address of Family” shall be filled in with the detailed address of the actual place of residence where a long-term resident has already obtained a temporary residence permit or residence permit. The floating population without a temporary residence permit or residence permit shall be filled in with the address of the original place of residence registration.1.8 fill in the name of the police station to which the family permanent residence address belongs in the “Detailed Name of Police Station in family Permanent Residence”. For those who have not applied for temporary residence permit or residence permit locally, fill in the name of police station in the original place of household registration.1.9 “Mobile phone” fill in my or my parents’ mobile phone number, which cannot be changed during the recruitment period and must be kept unblocked so as to receive recruitment information in time.(2) Step 2: Fill in the resume 2.1 Fill in the order of “primary school — junior middle school — senior high school — University (cadets)”;2.2 The starting and ending time format is From September XXXX to July XXXX (the end of June after graduation of senior three);2.3 Just fill in the class of last academic year for each time period.2.4 The teacher in charge (or cadre of the student team) of the school at that time. If the name of the school is changed, both the original name and the present name should be filled in.(3) Step 3: Fill in the basic information 3.1 “When, Where and What position” fill in the class or team (including) above positions.3.2 fill in the award or punishment approved by the school (college) and above units.3.3 Fill in the column of “special skills and hobbies, spare time life, family environment, financial sources and religious belief” according to the actual situation of the individual. Briefly introduce personal interests and hobbies, family life, main financial sources, whether parents have religious belief and which religion they believe in.3.4 fill in “No” or “Yes” for “Overseas relations”;If “yes”, truthfully fill in the name, title, occupation, country of residence, time of going abroad and other information of all overseas relatives.3.5 “family members and social relations sentenced or punished by public security” should be truthfully filled in, intentionally concealing or falsifying, once verified, immediately eliminated, and recorded in personal integrity files.3.6 “Conditions of joining the League (Party)” shall be filled in according to the “Application Form for Joining the League (Party)”, and the time of joining the League (Party) and the introducer shall be filled in truthfully.3.7 For “overseas relationship” and “sentence and punishment”, all relatives should be consulted before filling in the information truthfully, and no fraud is allowed;Note: After the comprehensive test, the Navy’s Recruitment and Flight Office will cooperate with the public security department to carry out investigation and evidence collection. Those who conceal the facts will be eliminated and their personal integrity files will be recorded.4.1 Family members include: parents (stepparents, guardians or direct dependants), unmarried siblings (including half-blood, half-blood and non-related brothers and sisters living together);4.2 Choose occupations except “civil servant, active soldier and student”;4.3 Retirement situation select “Yes or no”;4.4 If siblings are married, “Marriage or not” is selected, and relatives such as “sister-in-law” and “brother-in-law” are added.(5) step 5: fill in the members of the household register 5.1 civil servants (retired), military (active servicemen, civil servants, not active and diligent staff, workers, retired), in the school student, these three people are required to fill “work units and position” and “unit detailed address and zip code”;If you are a full-time leader, fill in the name, address and postcode of the superior unit in the “detailed correspondence address of the unit”; if you are retired, fill in the unit before retirement.Military household registration place (habitual residence) “province/city/county” select the army unit in “province/city/county”, address fill in “army unit correspondence address”, household registration place (habitual residence) police station select “soldier”.5.2 other personnel, apart from the above three kinds of people, laid-off and unemployment has no fixed occupation or state-owned enterprises and institutions, the private enterprise personnel, freelancers (individual) and farming, and other personnel engaged in the work of other business, and should fill the domicile and habitual residence police station name and zip code, detailed work unit column according to the actual situation to fill in,Also can directly fill in the home address, occupation fill in resident or villager;If he/she is retired, fill in his/her former position and detailed address and postal code of the former unit before retirement, and indicate the time of retirement in the “Remarks” column;If former unit already does not exist, need to fill in former unit name and post only, be in “remarks” column make clear former unit change disintegrate or go bankrupt close down reach retire time.5.3 For the deceased, refer to (5.1) for civil servants, soldiers and students, and refer to (5.2) for other personnel, and indicate the time and reason of death in the “Remarks” column. If the registered permanent residence has been cancelled, fill in “000” for the ID number.5.4 For those who are sentenced or serving sentences, the reason, time, term, place of sentence, release or not and current situation shall be indicated in the “Remarks” column.5.5 In case of disappearance, the reason, time and place of disappearance shall be indicated in the “Remarks” column.5.6 If you work in a foreign-funded enterprise, indicate the enterprise’s capital and working years in the “Remarks” column.5.7 now reside outside the country (condition) for three consecutive months above (labor, study, life, etc.), household register address and police station to fill in home address before going abroad, habitual residence “and” select “country (condition) outside”, address fill in the country (border) apparent address, often local police station to choose “the Chinese embassy or Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan police department”.Work unit and occupation according to the actual situation, and in the “remarks” column, indicate the time of going abroad, reason, whether settled or not, and other circumstances of living abroad.5.8 If your relatives are foreigners, have acquired foreign nationality or have lived abroad for a long time, please call the Navy Recruitment office directly.5.9 If the marital status changes, indicate divorced remarriage and divorced single in the “Remarks” column.5.10 If the information of family members and relatives is incomplete or omitted or concealed, it will be eliminated immediately and recorded in personal integrity files once it is verified.Note: “Police station” information needs to be selected from the system standard library. If the “drop-down box” does not show the name of the police station to be filled in, please click “No Police station click here” button, select “province, city, county” as required, fill in “Police Station name and zip code”, and submit to the system for review;It usually takes 3 working days to review the system of the new police station. If you fail to pass the review after the deadline, please call the Recruitment office of the Navy and ask 18510153058 (to the officer).6.1 Social relations include: grandparents (step-grandparents, step-parents and adoptive parents), uncles, uncles and aunts;Maternal grandparents (step-grandparents, step-parents, adoptive parents), uncles, aunts;Married older brothers, sisters, brothers and sisters (including half-brothers and half-sisters), sister-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law.6.2 If social Relations are not completely marked on the page, you can add them in the right pane.6.3 The order and requirements for relatives in social relations are as follows: (7) Step 7: Fill in the Registration Form of Social Relations. The requirements and procedures are the same as “Step 5”.8.1 After completing the application, click “Save” and the system will generate a preview interface. Please check the information carefully.8.2 If the page information is incomplete, slide the “Scroll bar” on the right and bottom.8.3 If you find that the information is incorrect, click the “Modify” button to enter the modify interface, and click “Next” again until the preview interface is generated again.9.1 After the preview is over and all is confirmed, click “Confirm upload” button, the system will pop up the “I promise” window;Note: The declaration of political assessment information must be completed on time and accurate and detailed, concealment or failure to report the information will not be able to participate in the comprehensive test.9.2 If I confirm that the information filled in is correct and unconcealed, I can click the “Confirm uploading” button;You can also click “Check changes” to continue to return to the changes.10.1 After clicking the “Confirm uploading” button, the system will pop up the prompt window of “Obtain the Comprehensive Testing qualification of Navy Recruitment” and obtain the “Test certificate number” to confirm the successful uploading;10.2 “Inspection Certificate Number” is the unique identification code of the enlisted objects of the Navy, please keep it in mind.1. Go back to the page of “Political Assessment” on the Recruitment website of the PLA Navy, click “Online Preview of Political Assessment Information”, carefully preview the “Registration Form of Qualified Pilot Cadets Enrolled by the PLA Navy”, and carefully check the political assessment application information.2. If any errors are found, re-enter the “Information Reporting System for Political Assessment of Naval Recruitment” and correct them in time.If there is no mistake, download and print the Registration Form of preliminary examination and pre-selection of pilot cadets recruited by the Navy.3. Please print the Registration Form of Preliminary Examination and Pre-Selection of Pilot Cadets for the Navy on A4 paper, and bind it into a book according to the order of “Binding mark” and page number, so as to avoid inverted or missing pages.Note: Before the deadline, you can log in, view, modify and print again. After the deadline, you can only print but not modify.If it is indeed wrong, it can be explained to the navy during the comprehensive inspection.1. After downloading and printing, carefully read the “Instructions for Filling in The Registration Form of Preliminary Examination and Pre-Selection of Pilot Cadets Enrolled by the Navy”, fill in the attitude of applying for the examination, give the opinions of the school, and sign the “Letter of Commitment” according to 20-25 requirements.2. Carefully read the “Matters needing attention” in the “Registration Form for Preliminary Examination and Pre-Selection of Pilot Cadets Recruited by the Navy”, prepare relevant items and materials in advance according to the “List of certificates and Materials To be carried by the Navy for Comprehensive Examination”, and be sure to carry them when participating in the comprehensive examination.3. Political assessment application information must be true and correct, inconsistent with the actual situation, will be disqualified and recorded in personal integrity files.4. Qualified students should declare online in time. Those who fail to do so will not be able to participate in the comprehensive test.5. After you log in to the system for the first time, change the password and keep it confidential to prevent information leakage.6. The system automatically checks whether the ID number is correct or not. If the ID number is incomplete or incorrect, you cannot go to Next.7. When filling in the information of police station, if the system does not have the name of the police station (that is, the name of the police station is not shown in the “drop-down box”), you need to add it and submit it to the system for review before filling in the information online (the review time is usually 3 working days);8. If you do not operate the page for a long time, the system automatically exits. If misoperation or crash occurs, press F5 to refresh or log in again.9. Click “Previous Page” and “Next Page” to preview the information carefully to check whether it is accurate, and click upload after confirming it is correct;When the prompt “Contain test certificate number” is displayed, it is confirmed that the online application has been completed.During the opening of the system, you can log in again to modify any problem.After the system is closed, it cannot be modified. If any error is found again, you can explain the situation to the staff during the comprehensive inspection.10. If you have any difficulty in filling out the application, please click “Fill in The Help” on the upper right corner of the page or call the Recruitment Office of the Navy for consultation (010-6959262).Source: Chinese Navy