Flowers spread warmth, warm see the truth

2022-05-26 0 By

On March 8, 2022, in the Respiratory and critical care Medicine Department of Beijing Chest Hospital, touching scenes came to our eyes. Humanistic services showed warmth, warmed patients and conveyed hope.On this warm day of national blessing for women, the medical staff of respiratory and Critical Care Medicine will send warm red carnations and sweet cakes carefully prepared to each female patient and attendant, to send them holiday greetings and wish them a speedy recovery.The afternoon sunshine is warm to the heart, and the ward is filled with warmth. The medical staff holding beautiful flowers come to the patients’ side with sincere smiles, and the beautiful flowers reflect the sweet smiles of the patients.”Aunt Liu, I wish you a happy goddess festival!””Grandma Wang, I wish you a speedy recovery!”Shining greetings, accompanied by laughter, spread throughout the ward, alleviating the pain of patients and eliminating the haze brought by the disease.Today is of special significance for Aunt Yang, today is her birthday, all the medical staff sang the birthday song for her blessing, sweet cake, warm candlelight, Aunt Yang red eyes: “Thank you, thank you!You usually give me a lot of care, I did not expect you to celebrate my birthday, I also received flowers.Thank you very much!Thank you very much!This is the most memorable birthday I’ve ever had. You guys are so sweet.”Aunt Yang made a wish for herself, which must be her sweetest wish.The doctor, nurse, the patient’s hands, sound of blessing, I sincerely wish the patient can recover at an early date, happy to meet a better tomorrow.Respiratory and critical care medicine each medical staff adhering to the sincere care for patients, transfer the warmth of home, with true feelings infected every patient, let them rekindle the hope of life;Medical staff continue to innovate, meet challenges, bring better medical care services for patients, fully demonstrate their responsibility, and hold up a blue sky of hope for patients.Here is the truth, here is hope, here is the patient’s most beautiful memory.