Hafu red rabbit 109,800 yuan + 1000 yuan gift

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Xiantao source tong Hafu 4S shop, our group company is a provincial agent in Hubei Province, the store has a test drive can experience free, through the network platform booking to the store: online booking customers invited to the store that exclusive gift!(limited) Successful booking customers can get a car purchase package worth 1000 yuan!(quantity limited) this month hafu models special offer 2 sets, now or never!At the end of the month to order a car can participate in the lucky draw, super value rich gift to take home, ordering customers 100% win!0 down payment /0 interest /0 monthly supply, 60 ultra long loan, to high subsidized interest 9000 yuan, you can enjoy 3 years of interest-free loans, let your monthly supply worry free!Different brand replacement to high enjoy 8000 subsidies, with brand replacement subsidies to high 11,000 yuan!Old customers recommend new customers to buy Hafu in this shop, namely send old customers routine maintenance once!The successful purchase of the car to the store by ticket (taxi, tolls, oil) reimbursement of all travel expenses!”Other: this month car special: 0 down payment, low down payment, designated models, mid-summer prices, Juhui for you, manufacturers put prices!Discounts keep coming!Interest free by stages!Replacement subsidies!Plenty of cars on hand!Fire open robbery!!Zero interest rate to buy a car easy and pleasant, used car replacement can also enjoy a high replacement and additional subsidies!Go to the shop to find network sales consultant to see the car can enjoy ultra-low discount exclusive VIP one to one reception service, VIP hotline: 400-126-1792 Hafu red rabbit pet powder engine five weight gift free car gift:The minimum down payment is 20,000 yuan, and the daily payment for 36 installments is as low as 92 yuan.Basic services for life free, enjoy and entertainment services for 3 years free rabbit tide upgrade gift for life free vehicle FOTA upgrade intimate quality warranty gift enjoy a vehicle warranty period of 3 years or 100,000 kilometers (the first to be subject to) replacement subsidy gift to the highest enjoy 3000 yuan replacement subsidy (here has added small procedures, please go to understand car di client view)