Lin Feng interview revealed: daughter’s name, the second half of the year after the birth of two children, for the wife will do 2 wedding

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Lin Feng, a father, is currently filming a movie in Hong Kong, with his wife and daughter.Recently Lin Feng accepted entertainment weekly interview, he rarely mentioned a lot of family matters.They also said they wanted to have a second child later this year and would have two more weddings for their wife.Former TVB master student Lin Feng has now become a happy family of three with his wife Zhang Xinyue. The couple and their daughter are now living a happy life.Since the birth of his daughter, Lin Feng seems to have reached a new peak in his career. In addition to acting in TV series and movies, Lin Feng has also returned to the music industry and released new songs.Lin Feng is currently filming in Hong Kong, and his wife and daughter are also living there with him.Lin Feng is now a good father and the family often stays together.Lin Feng rarely stays in Hong Kong for a long time, and he has been interviewed by the media for many times. Recently, he accepted an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, which rarely mentions many family matters.He said his daughter is very cheerful and happy to see her when she comes home. He said she already calls her daddy.More first revealed the daughter’s name, the daughter’s English name is Luna, the baby name is Ge Ge, the daughter’s name is the couple together to take.Hearing about tiger Bao Bao Wang and his wife, Lin Feng said with a smile that he hoped to have another baby in the second half of this year.Lin Feng once took his wife together to shoot the reality show “wife’s romantic travel 5”, in the last show wife wearing white wedding dress on stage, making Lin Feng is very feeling, said to see his wife wearing wedding dress out of a little uncontrollable.He felt a little sorry for his wife, he hoped to do a complete wedding for his wife after the epidemic improved.He didn’t want to have a century wedding. He just wanted to have a wedding in his hometown and a wedding in his wife’s hometown. He also didn’t want his family to fly around because their elders were getting older.