A woman in Henan province stuffed 5,000 yuan each into a box of eggs for her two daughters-in-law

2022-05-27 0 By

Recently, in Henan province, an admirable thing happened.Two sons were with his wife and children home with mum birthday will work back to the town, two daughter-in-law is afraid of her in-laws secretly put the money in the luggage, each packed my stuff into the car ahead of time, however, on my way home daughter-in-law to see her mother-in-law to home crowd message: “under the two cases of eggs to you two put 5000 yuan each, let the children take”.The daughters-in-law sighed, this is a bit too much to guard against.Every time the home finally start, in-laws will give them while secretly put the money in my pocket when packing, clothing, all kinds of places in the car, until they came to tell where I put my money, let their children to spend, because face to face to all don’t accept, so he stole to plug up, didn’t expect their packing in advance,Or stuffed money into two cartons of eggs that were clearly unopened, and nobody thought…It is the son’s wife who does it well. Otherwise, her in-laws would not have done it.What a warm mother-in-law!Yes, love is mutual, but parents’ love for their children will never change, and their love for their grandchildren is even greater.However, when you have a daughter-in-law, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not handled well, which does affect the family relationship.Therefore, in such a harmonious big family, first of all, the son and daughter-in-law do well, and the father-in-law are very generous and loving people, such a family will of course be happy.One netizen said: “Congratulations on meeting such a good parents-in-law. It’s not a matter of money, but love. I hope you can be filial to your parents and pass on such virtues to your own children.”Said too good, the elderly may be for the children will be frugal, everywhere for the child’s small family, and the younger generation can Thanksgiving can filial piety, that is the elders the biggest comfort!