Changhong Road community: Peace qingming civilization sacrifice

2022-05-27 0 By

Spring grass green one year, is the qingming Festival.March 28, changhong Road community to carry out “peace qingming, civilized sacrifice” publicity activities.Activities, community volunteers actively to area residents, appearance issue “qingming festival sacrifice initiative”, urged the residents not to set off firecrackers during the qingming festival, incense burning fake, advocate people to plant trees sacrifice, sacrifice, a memorial service held a family on the Internet and cleaning the tombstones, worship of fashion and health, the grief of the fallen.At the same time, the community calls on the majority of Party members and community cadres to set an example and be the leader of civilized sacrifice, and make full use of propaganda columns, electronic screens, propaganda banners and other carriers to carry forward the civilized new wind of sacrifice activities.Through the propaganda activities of civilized sacrifice, called on the residents of the jurisdiction to start from their own, start from a bit, with practical actions to practice civilized sacrifice.(without permission Radio and television shall not be reproduced) source: xiangyang economic life channel reporter: Patrick | correspondent: streets around the hanjiang river FanCheng changhong road community editor Michael levine: Wang Jiali | proofreading: (coordinating editor Lin: diplodocus | audit: Zeng Chun full