The gas bill exceeded the rent and the tenant could bear it

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671, the gas fee exceeds the rent, the tenant can stand the rent on January 14, 2022 09:26 am, 16#1#201 Zhengzhou: 16#1#201 Zhengzhou: Neighbors have this situation, a month can be so much gas 22-2-506:Zhengzhou: But not so much [sad expression] 1-512 Zhang Hui: A month of normal cooking words do not use so much.16#1#201 Zhengzhou: Oh my God is it because of the first burn?22-2-506: Ladder gas charge. If it is used 24 hours a day, the price is about the same for a month. Bruce Ma: That’s it.That he did not use two months two months small four thousand appearance at least three thousand a heating season four months, has been used, estimated to be six or seven thousand yuan general wall furnace heating, home no special people, not too cold is not open, elastic use 9:37 am, 16#1#201Zhengzhou normal, my home once opened for 40 days wall stove heating is also nearly two thousand [face, crying smile] zhengzhou:It seems that it is necessary to turn on the heating system. I went back to my hometown to farm the land. The house was rented out, and I did not manage the housing inspection in our community.Jan 14 10:02 am, 16#1#201 Zhengzhou: Where is our gas meter 22-2-506: Under the first floor window, a little boy’s head: The gas fee is more than the rent, tenants can bear it [face covering, crying and smiling expression]22-2-506: This is voluntary, spend money to buy pleasure…12:20 noon, January 15th, 16-1-505: A barber will come to cut our hair later. Kids 20, adults 25, downstairs at no.11, you can come now if you need…Jan 15, 12:52 p.m., 16-1-505: Now stores are closed, haircuts begin, come here if you need them@16-1-505 Will the barber come tomorrow? [Face covering, crying and smiling expression] Little boy at work today: [Face covering, crying and smiling expression]…January 15 at 18:31 in the evening, the little boy profile picture: [small program] colleagues distribution table [small program] with the district distribution table began to do “with the district distribution table”, usually buy things by the way in the above to sell, do not cost what matter.Zhengzhou 7.20 flood that “waiting for rescue personnel information” is also this kind of table: anyone can see, anyone can edit.Learn to edit these watches so that you can not only sell things, but also send SOS.The “colleague delivery form” is not available in the community, but can be used as a template for reference….January 18, 13:14 PM, little boy’s head: This heating, promise is useless.Counting the track record, 99% of promises are unfulfilled.(the impression has not been fulfilled) the “previous commitment 99% not fulfilled” fact when the axiom, derivation, inference: new commitment not fulfilled probability > 99%…Facts, facts, facts: see Euclid 6, 7…(…Euclid….Justice, principle, axiom: see Euclid 1, 2…Deduction, derivation, derivation: See Euclid 7…Deduction, theory, inference: see Euclid 66…Probability, rate, probability: see Euclid 58…So don’t fall into the same trap every time you believe in a promise.13:22 PM, 23-2-302: [Awesome]18-3-203: @1-307 Why don’t you just get the guys a practical solution…1-307: the little boy’s head group nickname is 1-307…Simple, simple, simple: See Galileo 13…(…”Galileo” : Novel title……Party, case, scheme: see “Galileo 22″…”Building 25: What the staff said was really chilling.Don’t give a good comparison.672. In Japan, “Delivering things home” is becoming more and more popular.Clear future welcome to pay attention to the headline “Game of Humanity”