Zhou Suhong of China’s Women’s Volleyball team retired to take care of her paralyzed husband for 5 years. Why did she remarry a nine-year-old businessman?

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She is volleyball women, is a sportsman, she won honor for the country, she for the women’s volleyball luminous fever, she took back a cup and a cup, set a miracle, in her career, she fought in battle, in her emotional life, she went through the ups and downs, she is Zhou Suhong.Gather anecdotes of famous people, taste all kinds of life.This issue of Zi Ya Children’s Fun world legend brings you into the life of Zhou Suhong.In 1979, Zhou Suhong was born in Huzhou, Zhejiang province. Her childhood was different from that of other girls. When other girls liked dolls, she was keen on running in the yard.At that time, she was only 11 years old, and she did not know what is called the spirit of unity, nor did she think that she would grow up to be like the volleyball players on the TV screen. She just liked it simply, and felt that the girls who threw the ball in the volleyball court with sweat were very brave and valiant.Zhou Suhong is taller than her peers. All the teachers who have seen zhou Suhong think that her talent is not in her studies, but in sports. Zhou Suhong’s father also wants to cultivate her talent in sports, so he sends her to a local sports school.Zhou Suhong finally had the opportunity to contact the volleyball she had been looking forward to, and she was excited and excited. With her intelligence and body advantage, she soon caught up with the training progress of the class. At the age of 15, she had become the main force of the team and was successfully selected into the Zhejiang Provincial Women’s volleyball Team.Provincial stricter than sports schools, training intensity big, work at the end of the day was sore, in response, zhou suhong has never complained, didn’t have to give up the idea of, whenever fatigue, vision is seen as a child of the volleyball match scenario, because not be their own look at the kind of people, so I still need to work harder.Can enter the state, are equally gifted children, zhou suhong, 182 height, is a “female” the giant in the street, here is the “little man”, she play aim degree also has a great progress, because zhou suhong always hit, the ball players took to her the nickname “artillery”, this itself with making fun of meaning of the title, under the efforts of zhou suhong,Turned into a tribute to her prowess.After realizing her own shortcomings, Zhou Suhong did not let her mood into depression. On the contrary, she was happy to find her defects in time. In her opinion, if there is a problem, it is correct, there is insufficient progress, it is not a shame, it is not a big deal.So Zhou Suhong began his devil training, and strive to turn disadvantages into advantages.She is not tall enough, but she runs very fast, plus explosive power and jumping ability are very strong, so she combines the three, become the characteristics that others do not have.Left do not know how many drops of sweat, sweat do not know how many pieces of clothes wet, soft and sour collapsed on the ground do not know how many times, after Zhou Suhong’s high-pressure training, she became the team’s top pick up, big guy or call her “cannon”, but not to mock her hit the ball, but affirm her hard strength.In 1996, Zhou suhong was selected to the National youth team and served as the main force of the team, where she started her official volleyball life. She played indoor volleyball and beach volleyball, and her skills soared with the speed visible to the naked eye. At the same time, her strength improved, she also won the qualification for the national team.In 2000, the Sydney Olympic Games opened with a grand opening, zhou Suhong failed to be selected due to her seniority. In that Olympic Games, The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team failed to reach the quarterfinals, its glory was no longer there, and it fell into a long period of depression. The coach Hu Jin felt powerless under the blow of the result and chose to resign.When the women’s volleyball team became a hot potato, Chen Zhong, a training partner, stood up to take over the heavy burden.In 2002, Chen Zhong led the team to participate in the World Women’s Volleyball Championships. He arranged his team and retained the main force led by Zhou Suhong. Because of the clever arrangement, China women’s volleyball team qualified for the quarterfinals and entered the Athens Olympic Games in 2004.Was made in 3:2, everyone think that China would lose, Chen Zhong washed up on the pitch, clinging to the group of women, cheer for them, let them not to be discouraged, finally, inversion, the Chinese women’s volleyball team won by a landslide this champion, took the hard-won trophy.A match made The Chinese women’s volleyball team more imposing, match out of spirit, pick up the former glory.Zhou Suhong’s excellent performance in the game let people remember her, affirmed her, people think, is zhou Suhong achievement of women’s volleyball, as everyone knows, in fact, volleyball achievement of Zhou Suhong’s life, laid the cause of Zhou Suhong, brought Zhou Suhong’s love.In 2002, zhou Suhong was hit in the face with a ball by a member of the opposing team in the indoor soccer match between the Chinese Women’s and men’s volleyball teams. This blow brought out zhou’s anger and her love with Tang Miao.Happened because of the accident, in the subsequent Shang Miao sincerely apologize zhou suhong generous to forgive, two people love quietly sprouted, only not Pierce the gauze paper between two people is the cause of three years old age gap, zhou suhong mind their older, fear of gossip, Shang Miao after understanding to the concerns of the zhou suhong, with the pursuit of warm and firm with resolving her heart,Holding Zhou Suhong’s hand, to determine the relationship, holding Zhou Suhong’s hand, into the palace of marriage.The strong combination of the main forces of the women’s volleyball team and men’s volleyball team is called “Golden Boy and Jade Girl”. Zhou suhong and Tang Miao’s love has been admired and blessed by her teammates and the public.At the beginning of 2007, zhou suhong and Shang Miao officially got a marriage certificate, after getting married, two people with each other, support each other and live a happy life while in business struggle, when the other party to get good grades, will sincerely feel happy, and boarded the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games together, meet to China.However, a sudden accident at the Olympics destroys Tang’s career and puts their marriage in trouble.Due to carelessness during the warm-up, Tang Miao fell and was taken to the hospital. She survived, but was severely paralyzed.When Zhou Suhong arrived after receiving the news, looking at lying on the hospital bed without consciousness can not move her husband, Zhou Suhong heartache, crying.When she settled down, she accepted the harsh reality and made the solemn decision to end her career and focus on her husband.The newlyweds, who had been married for only six months, lost their jobs because of illness and love.During tang Miao’s treatment, Zhou Suhong always took care of her carefully. They transferred from Moscow to Beijing and from Beijing to Zhejiang. After zhou retired, she waited for her husband’s condition to become stable and entered Zhejiang Sports Vocational And Technical College as a teacher.She rubbed and massaged her husband and helped Tang Miao, who was two meters tall, to carry out rehabilitation training step by step. It took two years for Tang Miao to walk slowly with his wheelchair. The doctors were shocked by the speed of her recovery, which was embodied in Zhou Suhong’s efforts and efforts.He didn’t know when he could return to normal, or even that he might never go back in his life. He also didn’t want to be a burden to Zhou Suhong, because Zhou Suhong should not spend the rest of her life on herself because she could have had a great career and a happy marriage.Not only Tang Miao, but also his parents, who saw their daughter-in-law’s behavior and attitude one by one, were moved and grateful. However, it was precisely because Zhou Was a good person that she should not be involved in her family.At the insistence of Tang Miao and her parents, Zhou Suhong agreed to divorce. The marriage, which was considered by many as the “condor Heroes” at the beginning, had no way to end, but everyone knew that the marriage ended not because of emotional changes, but because of facts.After the divorce, Tang Miao returned to Shanghai with her parents, and Zhou Suhong lived alone in Hangzhou. She sometimes went to Hangzhou to visit Tang Miao’s illness. The love between them became kinship with time, and her ex-husband Tang Miao even persuaded Zhou Suhong to start a new relationship.In 2012, zhou suhong met her current husband, a businessman eight years older than her. He is rich and powerful. But what really brings them together is not material things, but sincerity.After a year of getting to know each other, Zhou remarried in 2013 and gained a new identity as a “mother” in October of the same year.She gave birth to a lovely and clever daughter, and the three of them live a happy and happy life. Zhou Suhong cares about her ex-husband and asks her daughter to regard Tang Miao as her godfather. The deep affection between them is sublimated and continued in another way under the connection of her daughter.Now zhou suhong has crossed the forties, she didn’t appear on the volleyball competition, but still use their power and their power for Chinese volleyball, she served as the director of the zhejiang sports school, as a national selection breeding good volleyball talent, she lived a normal life, experienced a rough one, finally after passes a a block, harvest the most simple happiness.After hearing zhou Suhong’s story, what do you think?What do you think of her choice?Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section.If you like my article, please follow me, like and forward for me, every encouragement from you will be my motivation to make better articles.