As of 8 o ‘clock on September 9, a total of 4.96 million positive cases had been detected in Shenyang Area 6 and other controlled areas

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On April 8, 2022, no new local COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Zhuhai from 0:00 to 24:00;Thirteen new asymptomatic domestic novel Coronavirus cases were reported.According to administrative regions, heping District had 4 cases, Tiexi District had 3, Yuhong District had 3, Shenhe District had 1, Huanggu District had 1 and Liaozhong District had 1.All of the above cases were detected by routine nucleic acid tests during the period of centralized isolation and medical observation. All of them have been transferred to designated hospitals in closed loop. Based on the results of epidemiological history, clinical manifestations, laboratory tests and imaging examinations, the municipal expert group has been confirmed as novel coronavirus asymptomatic infection.First, continue to strengthen epidemiological investigation.In recent days, the epidemic prevention and control situation in Zhuhai continues to improve, but the prevention and control work still cannot be slackened.The city WeiJian (CDC), public security, the labor letter department linkage mechanism and further optimize workflow, scientific allocation flow adjustable power, according to new infections, can rely on large data, quickly locked in patients with stroke trajectory, scientific and accurate screening close contacts, strictly implement the prevention and control measures, quickly cut off the epidemic transmission chain.As of 24:00 On April 8, all 25,463 close contacts and 25,693 secondary close contacts had been implemented.Second, standardize the final disinfection of epidemic sites.By 24:00 Of April 8, a total of 2,298 epidemic sites had been designated, and 8240,078 square meters of final disinfection area had been completed, based on the epidemiological survey results and the travel tracks of infected people.Third, after comprehensive evaluation and risk assessment, the quarantined people who meet relevant epidemic prevention standards will be lifted in an orderly manner in batches.As of 24:00 On April 8, a total of 12,202 close contacts had been removed from the COVID-19 outbreak, and closed loop transport and home health monitoring had been implemented in accordance with regulations.Fourth, we will further carry out nucleic acid testing.At 9 o ‘clock on April 7, 2022, all members of heping district, Shenhe District, Huanggu District, Tiexi District, Dadong District, Hunnan District and the containment and control areas of other regions will carry out nucleic acid testing.By 8 o ‘clock on April 9, a total of 4.96 million people had been tested, with 1 positive case.At 9 o ‘clock on April 8, 2022, nucleic acid testing will be carried out in all members of Yuhong District, Liaozhong District and Xinmin District as well as in the containment and control areas of other regions.A total of 1,520 nucleic acid testing sampling sites were set up, 3,502 sampling stations were set up, and 4,931 medical workers were sent to sample.As of 8 o ‘clock on April 9, nucleic acid test samples have been carried out on 2.317 million people, the results are waiting for return.Shenyang COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters will conduct nucleic acid testing in all staff of Heping District and Tiexi District as well as in the containment and control areas of other regions at 9 o ‘clock on April 9, 2022.Fifth, carry out regular nucleic acid testing.For further scientific and accurate the normalized epidemic prevention and control work in the city, cogent accomplish “early detection, early quarantine and early diagnosis, early treatment”, ensure “dynamic zero” goal, according to the “shenyang COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control headquarters notice (44)” in “in addition to the centralization and control area, do a good job in urban communities, communities, villages and public management,Strict implementation of temperature detection code, wearing masks, registration information and other measures, entry and exit must be based on 48-hour nucleic acid test negative certificate “, Shenyang Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued the Circular on Normalizing Novel Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Testing (No. 46) on April 8.From now on to shen, sujiatun district, faku county, in the north new district kangping four counties to implement residents normalized nucleic acid detection, the medical institutions and community health service centers, in towns and townships, part of the community, three stand a (railway stations, subway stations, bus terminal, the airport car), large business wait for nucleic acid detection sites sampling points,The sampling site is open daily from 7:00-22:00, weekends and holidays are not closed.The test results can be checked in dazhida APP and Liaiseitong mini program to facilitate residents’ travel.Source: Shenyang Published editor: Wang Peiting Responsible editor: Liu Xinyang