Beijing Winter Olympics | Sui Wenjing/Han Cong: What if there is no road?Just create a path!

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Beijing, February 19 (Xinhua) — Zhu Roc, Wang Chunyan and Wang JunbaoFrom silver at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics to gold at the Beijing Winter Olympics, Chinese figure skaters Sui Wenjing and Han Cong won the ninth gold medal for The Chinese delegation at the Capital Gymnasium on Sunday night.After the match, in the face of the doubts and pressure, Sui Wenjing responded defiantly and said: “What if there is no road?Just create a path!”Sui Wenjing (l) and Han Cong of China compete after the medal presentation ceremony of figure skating pairs at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 19, 2008.In the evening of the competition, the two of them came up with a difficult technical move – twist around, and it was this skill that surprised the audience, so that they finally won the gold medal by 0.63 points over the Russian pair, who also performed well.Coach Zhao Hongbo said, “The key to winning the match on the day was to make a good round.”But Sui wenjing gave a more “macro” solution: “The difficulty is a kind of pursuit of the Olympic spirit, constantly challenging myself.I think the key to winning was the spirit of never giving up.”Since pairing up in 2007, the pair have dealt with injuries ranging from sprains to broken bones.In addition, the stature of the two are not tall, but also always questioned about the performance and display effect.”From the time we started skating together, we had a lot of injuries and were not considered suitable for pairs skating. It felt like there was no way out from the beginning.”Sui wenjing said, “But what if there is no road?Just create a path!”Sui Wenjing (bottom) and Han Cong of China compete in the pairs free skating event of figure skating at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 19, 2008.Xinhua News Agency reporter Ma Ning photo cut a path through mountains and meet water to build Bridges.There is never a road to success without bumps and thorns;Only firm belief, never give up, to go to the other side of success.From a near miss in Pyeongchang four years ago to a glorious summit in Beijing, Sui Wenjing and Han Cong have reached their destination.As if by fate, the Chinese pair skated to the music of “Golden Bridge over Sad River.””When you’re tired, when you’re discouraged, when your eyes are full of tears, I’ll dry them…If you need a friend, I’m right behind you. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you safe.””Our program today is the Golden Bridge over Troubled River, which supports each other and conveys strength to all people.””Let all the people overcome these (difficulties) during the epidemic, help each other and get through it,” Han cong said after the match.”Thank you to the motherland for nurturing us, thank you to the people who helped us along the way, thank you to the dance partner, thank you to each other, thank you to the team for giving us so much help and support.”Han Cong even said thank you in the mixed mining area after the game.Sui wenjing also said that everyone around them gave them great support and encouragement;It was their support for each other for 15 years that led to their Olympic gold medal.”I think everything is the best arrangement and I accept it.When I accept the world, the world is mine.”Sui wenjing said.Editors: Shu Wen, YU Sihui, Zheng Daojin, Zheng Ying (Intern)