Isn’t “Dark Clouds” enough?Flower sorrow this little sweet wen Su is very full, 9.9 points five stars Amway!

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Recently, many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!The dark Clouds Meet Their One Bright Moon is not enough to chew?Flower sorrow this little sweet wen Su is very full, 9.9 points five stars Amway!The first book: “dark clouds meet her bright moon” author: Ding Mo introduction: She is like a small sun, and I am lying in the sun under the traveler.Because of her shining, I finally looked up and cried.Into the pit guide: a word unexpectedly choked me to say no words, the heart also jumped.A thought rushed into the mind — depend, this male true special yao will lift!Of course, it’s more likely that I’m imagining things.I hummed 1, say: “you kick injury, you see how to do?”He said, “I’m not saying I don’t care.Wait here.”When he turned around to leave, I wondered, “Where are you going?Why should I wait in the sun?I’m going back.”The clothes of a few of them were still thrown on the steps beside. Wu Yu felt a black hat from under a dark gray T – shirt.The brim was furred, but it looked soft and clean.Then he looked at me, and I looked at him, and somehow, somehow, something strange and subtle came over me.My eyes went dark, and he put the hat on my head.I could feel the force of his hand through the cloth, the hand of this strange man, pressing it.”Wear it in the sun.”He said.Then he left.I didn’t think he’d do this.It’s my first time wearing a strange man’s hat. It’s a bit big, but it’s ok.The thought came to me again — he was real, and he was good with girls.Or was it born that way?Just an unusual man, you know?But my head suddenly became very sensitive, and the skin that touched the brim of the hat became slightly numb.It was as if, instead of a hat, you were being held down by a human hand.(Click below to read for free) the second book: “When he came to the Waves” author: Wen People can light introduction: high IQ belly black female doctor VS mouth too body straight man rich little, narrow encounter twist, what?What about the sweet love we promised?!At six in the morning, the alarm went off on her cell phone in the pocket of her lab coat. It was her wake-up time in years. She pulled it out and turned it off with one hand.Leaning her head back over the whole experiment, she couldn’t figure out where the error had occurred or why the data had deviated from the ideal.The glass wall of the laboratory was knocked gently from the outside, spring see look back, see Liu Yue carrying breakfast is waving to her.Liu Yue is a doctoral student of the same subject with the same tutor. Chun jian did not ask her specific age, but she looks a little old.”I heard that the lab was open all night, so I knew it must be you.You desperately three niang?”Chun said thanks and took a bite of the bun: “There’s something wrong with the data, and I want to find out why.If it’s not the procedure, it’s the sample, and the worst that can happen is resampling.””Last time we went to jiufang Mountain, weren’t you with Xi Zheng?If his data is all right, then the sample is all right.”Spring to see “HMMM” 1: “may be my steps appear error.”Liu Yue asked: “I heard that the nine fangshan oil shale project Professor Zhang is very interested in, ready to do, congratulations ah.(Click below to read for free) The third book: “All eyes are You” by: Sorrow of Flower Introduction: Aging entrepreneurial failure female president — Luo Peng Peng, is at the bottom of her life, down and out she thought of the only open peach blossom in her life, good sadness in her heart, think over the pain, she wants to change.Today, Pengpeng not only promises to go on a blind date, but also seems to be very enthusiastic.Yesterday, when they were playing chess downstairs, Lao Zhang secretly showed Lao Luo a photo of the young man. Although it was only a profile image, it was still clear that he was a very sunny and handsome young man, which suited Lao Luo at first sight.Lao Luo would have laughed in his dreams if he had succeeded.Luo pengpeng was a little tired after a busy day. When he received Luo’s wechat, it was already more than 5:00 in the afternoon. Luo wrote in the wechat: “At 6:30, in the Starbucks of zhongguancun Excellence Building, the young man’s surname is Song, and his mobile phone number is 139*******.Are you ever ready?”Only then did Luo Peng remember to agree to Lao Luo’s blind date.Raise your hand, check your watch, and text back, “I see, I’m leaving now.If there are no traffic jams on the fourth Ring Road, there should be no problem.”Pengpeng gets up, stretches his arms, exercises his muscles and bones, and goes to the toilet.When she looked at the water-stained mirror in the bathroom to fix her makeup, she didn’t notice that Zhao Li was staring at her half loud.After polishing the powder, Peng Peng turned her head and saw Zhao Li staring at her silently. She was shocked and said, “Woman, why do you quietly act scary?I’ve been having a bad heart lately, and you’ve frightened me, and I’ve told you not to discuss it.”Zhao Li smiled and gave her a push, washing her hands and asking, “Are you so ceremoniously dressed for dinner?”Pengpeng mumbled as she mopped her lipstick: “Yes, there is entertainment, and very important entertainment.”Finish finish, in the mirror left look right look, self feel no mistake, put away the makeup bag, turned out of the bathroom.Zhao Li washed her hands and ran out without a blow-dry.Along the way, her suede stilettos rattled on the floor, drawing the eyes of colleagues sitting in the company’s open-plan office.(Click below to read it for free.)Flower sorrow this little sweet wen Su is very full, 9.9 points five stars Amway!That’s all for today’s recommendation. 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