The first day of the first month polite!Another wave of 200 yuan bonus waiting for you to take home

2022-05-28 0 By

Hi, happy New Year, happy New Year!On the first day of the lunar New Year, the Xiangxi Cultural Tourism, Radio, Film and Television Bureau has brought a new Spring Festival gift to our friends!Ten thousand yuan bonus waiting for you, still remember the New Year’s Day in 2022 released “ten thousand yuan bonus waiting for you to take –” Tour in the west of Hunan to find the taste of the New Year “short video punch card activity!Activity information?One month down, the short video clocking activity # Travel in Western Hunan to find the flavor of the New Year clocking # topic has been played more than 40 million.In addition, in order to attract more friends to participate in, create a strong atmosphere to promote and share the mysterious Xiangxi, this activity also specially set 100 people to participate in the award, respectively in January, February awards that month the first 50 successful release of works of the author, each bonus 200 yuan.The way to participate is very simple. You can join by Posting your works that meet the requirements on the Douyin short video platform and adding the topic of “Travel in West Hunan looking for New Year’s Flavor” @West Hunan Culture Tour.The 50 quota of January has been taken out. Will you be available for the 50 quota of 200 yuan gift package in February?Xiangxi tour, looking for the flavor of the New Year, god’s secret Xiangxi welcome you!This activity will select 26 excellent short video works and reward the creators accordingly.New Year pictures, delicious food, beautiful scenery, folk culture and so on, are the creation theme of this activity oh!Quickly pick up your mobile phone, for the mysterious Xiangxi CALL, get back this belongs to your New Year gift.