Why does the cat like to sleep here?

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Why does the cat like to sleep here?The talented Chinese girl Quan Hongcan is one of the hottest athletes these days.Although the girl is only 14 years old, she has already participated in the world competitions and won the world championship. In the National Games, Quan Hongcan took part in both events and won the championship. Now she has become the hottest star in Chinese sports.For Kwon hongchang, she did not expect to achieve such a good result.If someone were willing to lend you $30 million and ask you to pay back $50 million ten years later, would you agree?Can you buy this monitor and live in the suburbs?What is this fish called?What action did you take that inadvertently opened up a new world?Which of the two babysitters has a richer family?Puppy, we have the same mother, right?As long as you have a sword in your hand, I can feed you.It’s not a joke, Cat. Go on, I’m listening!”.