Xinzhou city many measures to strengthen the protection of consumer rights and interests to create a safe and assured consumer environment

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On the morning of March 14, Xinzhou People’s Government information office held a press conference to introduce and interpret the theme of the year of consumer rights protection in 2022, as well as the relevant situation of the work of the city’s market supervision department and the city’s consumer association around the theme of the year of consumer rights protection.Press conference by xinzhou Municipal Party propaganda department news center deputy director Zhang Junfeng presided over.Xinzhou City Market supervision administration Party secretary, director, the city consumer association executive vice president Wang Mingfu introduced the work situation, the city market supervision administration level four researcher Bai Xueying, the city comprehensive law enforcement team captain Jiao Shusheng, the city consumer association secretary General Lin Zhiguo answer reporters’ questions.More than 30 journalists from provincial and municipal mainstream media were invited to attend the conference.Xinzhou city market supervision and administration of party secretary, director, city consumers association executive vice President of ming-fu wang introduces work ming-fu wang, 2022 consumer rights theme is “fair” promote consumption, market supervision system and consumer associations in the city will “enhance the level of protection of the rights and interests of consumers, make” consumption environment safe work requirements, the innovation service,Strengthen supervision and law enforcement, strengthen the implementation of the work, effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, dedicated to serve xinzhou city’s economic and social development.In particular, we will do a good job in five aspects of “12345”.Xinzhou Municipal Party Propaganda Department news center deputy director Zhang Junfeng presided over the press conference “1” is to establish a main line of work.We should adhere to the people-centered development philosophy, establish the concept of “consumer protection”, and build a social co-governance pattern of consumer rights protection featuring government leadership, administrative supervision, enterprise autonomy, industry self-discipline, social supervision, and consumer participation.”2″ is to give full play to the role of the two mechanisms.First, we should give full play to the mechanism of inter-bureau joint meetings to promote joint governance of rights protection.The working mechanism of inter-bureau joint meetings will be established and improved at both the city and county levels. Market supervision departments should actively play their role as the convenor of the joint meeting on consumer rights protection, and organize and carry out joint rectification actions to address difficulties and obstacles in the local consumer market.Second, we will give full play to the linkage mechanism of consumer, consumer, and consumer consumer protection to form a closed loop of law enforcement.12315 consumer complaint reporting center fully accepts consumer advice and complaints, reports, fast in the center of the consumer society, 12315 consumer complaints reported, disappear is protected (related business department, comprehensive had) as well as between various counties (area) bureau of shunt, strengthen consumer rights protection work scheduling, improve consumer rights protection ability of rapid response.”3″ is to organize and carry out the “three” activities.First, we carried out an innovative publicity campaign for the year of “March 15” and “Jointly Promoting Fair Consumption”.We will encourage the active participation of all sectors of society and consumers, and encourage the whole society to form a consensus on jointly promoting fair consumption.The second is to carry out the “seven days without reason return commitment” activity in the city’s retail stores.Third, we will launch a nationwide campaign to create consumer confidence.Around the creation of goals, quantitative assessment standards, clear reward and punishment mechanisms, strengthen the demonstration role, promote a virtuous cycle, solid progress in the implementation of the work, to create “assured consumption in Xinzhou” signboard.”4″ is to carry out in-depth “four aspects” renovation.First, we will focus on food safety.Focus should be placed on cracking down on fake, adulterated and adulterated liquor, edible vinegar and edible oil, illegal food addition and bottomless marketing of food to minors.Second, special rectification of product quality.We will strengthen law enforcement on non-medical masks, plastic shopping bags, elderly products for women and children, electric bicycles and other daily consumer goods.Third, special rectification of unfair standard clauses of contracts.We will maintain fair contracts and standardize market order.Fourth, we will improve prices and fees in areas related to people’s wellbeing.We will strengthen market inspections of the prices of grain, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, milk and other major commodities that are important to people’s livelihood; carry out special inspections on education fees; strengthen market oversight over prices of low-cost medicines, commonly used medicines, and medical examinations; and continue to strengthen price oversight in the funeral sector.”5″ refers to the implementation of the “five Goals”.First, we will improve the mechanism for resolving consumer disputes in multiple forms.Accelerate the source of consumer disputes, improve the efficiency of rights protection.Second, we will deepen consumer education, publicity and guidance.Special consumer groups, such as the elderly and the disabled, and consumer education in rural areas, finance, health care, prepaid consumption, etc.Consumption warnings and reminders will be issued in a timely manner to guide consumers to enhance their awareness of risk prevention and enhance their ability to protect themselves and protect their consumption rights.Third, we will strengthen oversight of goods and services.To promote the integrity and self-discipline of relevant industries, improve industry standards;We will strengthen the letter consultation and consultation system, promptly detect and pay attention to consumer infringement and personal information leakage, conduct consultations in accordance with the law, and put forward suggestions for supervision and rectification.Fourth, we will mediate and settle consumer disputes in accordance with the law.Focus on the hot spots of complaints, innovate ideas of safeguarding rights, and resolve consumer disputes in a timely manner by means of mediation, interview and exposure;Set up consumer rights protection complaint stations in various industry associations and large supermarkets to form a fast and convenient complaint handling network system.Five is to tamp solid disappear assist organization construction foundation.Take the organization construction as the starting point, coordinate each strength, solve the outstanding problem of consumer association organization earnestly;Actively promote the change of municipal and county consumer association councils;Let grassroots eliminate assist to have personnel to handle affairs truly, conditional work, ability director.Wang Mingfu said that in 2022, the city’s consumer rights protection work, under the correct leadership of the Municipal Party committee and government, closely around xinzhou city economic construction center work, keep in mind the mission, the courage to take responsibility, strengthen the implementation of work, with excellent results to the party’s twenty victory held a tribute.Xinzhou city market supervision and administration level 4 researcher Bai Xueying answered reporters’ questions xinzhou city comprehensive team had long tree answered reporters’ questions xinzhou city consumers association secretary-general Lin Zhiguo answered reporters’ questions press conference recently popular reading the original title: the xinzhou city many measures to strengthen the protection of consumers’ rights and interests Create safe consumption environment.