Changsha “the most cattle” nail households, 4 negotiations 4 price increases, the outcome of the people happy!

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Have to say that our recent decades of economic development is undoubtedly worth noting, however, for some emerging city, caused by a lack of urban development significantly, at the same time of urban development is a natural for large-scale tear open change, at the same time, some citizens and occupy the downtown prime locations, naturally lion big openings in the negotiations with the developers,This is commonly known as nail house.With the school on the line, four negotiations four increases, the outcome?The nail house must be familiar to everyone. Based on the requirements of urban planning, some old communities need to be demolished and rebuilt, but many people want to rely on demolition to get rich. However, there is an outstanding nail house in Changsha, Hunan Province.So what exactly is the cause of this event?Next let xiaobian take you to have a look at changsha’s most powerful nail house.The nail house with other nail house special because he and our on TV or in the real life encounters that direct and between different developers, the nail house seemed to up and school, in order to get more demolition, constantly with the nail house, four talks, four price increases, the 470000 demolition is abruptly turned over several times,Not only mentioned 2 million, but he is still not satisfied, everyone says he is insatiable, insatiable, so what is the final outcome that this nail house will face?Whether can get as one wishes again high amount demolish fund?Let’s get to know this changsha’s most powerful nail household.As the capital city of hunan, changsha is not only the development of hunan’s economic center, is also a cultural hub, the unique chu culture and hunan culture has produced deep city background, also occupied the province’s economic center position, in addition, changsha is also known as China’s happiest city, this and infrastructure and local cultural entertainment etc.Do anything but will not be plain sailing, splendid, after all, experiencing the baptism of wind and rain to see the rainbow, but in some things is not the case, there is always some headache problems, in the process of urban construction, the happiest city is no exception, which is a typical nail house in the demolition,Speaking of the nail house in the most representative also belongs to Lao Wu family.Lao wu hunan engineering professional technology institute is a teacher, he and his wife are working in this school, according to their career, according to the conventional can determine that they are a sense of responsibility, has the compassion, justice, set an example and was full of positive energy, but the couple is, on the other hand, this also should speak of from the demolition of their house events.His house is located in changsha city of hunan province by tianxin in changsha, this is by their school work assigned to them before, that year, Lao wu a happily moved into the new house, the house construction area itself is not big, but it’s more than enough for the family live, but as if they are not satisfied with this, it was not long before,They expanded and renovated the house, increasing its floor area from 80 square meters to 575 square meters.After the completion of the house, Lao wu go to apply for registration of land in changsha, capital of hunan province changsha land bureau, and therefore got the land certificate, it is dealt with house property card, and becomes a powerful weapon in the struggle of Lao wu family and school, soon after, Lao wu has worked for the school must carry on the expansion, but never thought to college,Once the school’s excellent teacher turned out to be the biggest holdout in the school expansion.On this day, Lao Wu received a demolition notice from Changsha Real Estate Bureau. Then Changsha Real Estate Bureau and the school leaders hired a demolition company to carry out detailed discussions on the demolition and subsequent compensation. According to the development plan of the school, the location of Lao Wu’s house occupied the planned land of the school.The school’s plan for the site is that it will be used as a training base for students in the future.For the negotiations, there is no doubt that the vast majority of people will be like small make up think this is a handy little things, but Lao wu a variety of operating the next let all the people were scared, when Lao wu and the school consultation, officials have given the demolition is 470000, fair and just, because this is in strict accordance with the city’s unified standards for compensation,But Wu was not satisfied and demanded 520,000 yuan in compensation, plus an 80-square-meter house.But I didn’t think, Lao wu wife heart attack in the process of negotiations, and sent the hemiplegia, can’t, talks to a halt, and went to her daughter home for illness, but I don’t know where they hear that news, house is not often live, will be considered idle housing, so the old couple dragged become hot catch back, as the home with water and electricityThat Lao wu couples have to go home, the school also don’t want to because a house influence the progress of the entire demolition project, had two old the wus house evaluation, the demolition increased to more than 520000, and is willing to give our old house to provide a house, it basically has fully met Lao wu first proposed conditions.But school officials thought that Lao wu backpedaled, compensation increased to 650000 yuan, the school was really very helpless, Lao wu after consultation with the school for the third time, the director of the institute in person to the old order, want Lao wu to look for old time’s sake can each step back, directly under the leadership of face he had work, Lao wu did not back, again will compensation mentioned 800000 instead,Predictably, the negotiations failed again, and the school’s expansion project was put off for a long time, but that was never the answer, and the college was determined to settle the matter once and for all.Again, after the university to old house the wus were evaluated, the evaluation of pricing for 1.04 million, but the school don’t want to because the old let the wus house demolition project has been delayed, dean of the clappers, said simply gather together a whole, directly to Lao wu, 1.1 million, the compensation is higher than before Lao wu put forward 300000, arguably the money is not little,Lao Wu’s family should have happily agreed, but the ideal is very beautiful, the reality is very skinny, how expected to come out halfway bite gold, Lao Wu’s daughter tough attitude, said that less than two million everything is out of the question, this school really hurt their heads.Hosted a see will know, Lao wu family is determined for the school in thine own house, with me, every time, still more, the school is really no way out, can only modify the original school expansion planning and back a lot of teaching building, make whole school looks pretty darn, weird.But the school extension was barely finished, so what happened to the Wu house in the end?Just leave it standing right next to the school?Later, the news that Lao Wu’s family started their business due to demolition spread quickly on the Internet, attracting the attention of many social people, including the Land and Resources Bureau.However, when they discussed the demolition event, they were surprised to find that the House of the Wu family did not fall within the red line of the school, but belonged to the collective land, which meant that the subject of negotiation with the Wu family was no longer the school, but the Land and Resources Bureau. Moreover, the bureau of Land and Resources reexamined and found that,At that time, there was a very serious mistake in the land registration procedures of the Old Wu family. At that time, the staff did not know whether it was a horse or something, and actually divided the old house belonging to the collective land into state-owned land, which meant that the land certificate of the old Wu family had no legal benefit.Then the relevant departments will restore old wu s became the collective land, the demolition of the old wu s money also can’t let him blindly with me, the old wu’s house should be carried out in accordance with the regulations on land requisition compensation and resettlement of changsha, according to the relevant scheme of changsha city, eventually determine the house demolition of old wu s is about 670000, if not timely teng,About 40,000 yuan of bonus will be deducted from the scheduled demolition bonus. If Lao Wu is dissatisfied with the lawsuit and loses the lawsuit, another 40,000 yuan will be paid for the litigation expenses.That is to say, Lao wu if continue to insist on blindly, in the end of May 590000, is less than the snake swallow like the heart, not the size of the stomach also don’t want to blow down, eventually fell instead draw water with a sieve, to end up at prices higher than a year, a year and the demolition of their income is less and less, Lao wu don’t want to eat the loss, so to this day,The Wu family still has not agreed to the government’s demolition policy.At the end of the article, it is a shabby old house, and the old couple are still struggling on the edge of hindering the development of the city. In this way, in the negotiation of demolition and relocation, the old Wu family finally lost everything because of the lion’s big mouth, which is absolutely a great thing.And rural children like Xiaobian will naturally be pleased to see Lao Wu’s behavior, what do you think?