Don’t drink too much and you’ll be fine?Can you drink more?Lancet: Chinese people should not drink alcohol

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Many men like to express their love for wine, several friends sit together, can drink all afternoon, even if only oneself, also can drink half a pot.Some people also say that it is impossible for me to give up drinking, if I don’t drink in my life, what’s the point?Others said, I didn’t drink much, I’m fine, I’m fine.Don’t drink too much and you’ll be fine?In the eyes of some people, not excessive drinking can harm to the body, but don’t forget, what alcohol is, it is a kind of carcinogen, when it comes to cancer is going to talk about “dose” question, even drinking too much, alcohol can harm the liver cells, and the damage will be accumulated, when accumulated to a certain extent, could induce liver cancer.What’s more, alcohol can make you addicted. What you think is “not too much” is really not too much?China’s dietary Guidelines recommend no more than one or two bottles of baijiu and no more than one bottle of beer per day, and many people actually drink more than they should.Eating a barbecue, eating lobster, drinking a whole bottle of beer and not feeling a thing, then you’ve had four or five and you still feel like you’re not drunk or over the limit.Yes, many people judge whether they are overdosing by whether they are drunk or not. As long as they are sober, they can still drink.Why do a lot of people drink long enough to live to 99?In many cases of long-lived elderly people, we will find that these elderly people have the habit of drinking, but they are in good mental state and do not have cancer, which makes many people have the illusion that they can live a long life and learn from the long-lived elderly people, but they ignore two things.First, there are centenarians, but not many. Shanghai, for example, had 3,418 centenarians as of the end of September 2021. How many people are there in Shanghai?With a permanent population of 24.87 million, centenarians are really not that many.The average life expectancy of Chinese people is about 76 years old. In other words, we should look at the average level, rather than individual excellent level. We should not always take a few cases to comfort ourselves and give ourselves reasons to continue drinking.Second, you may not have the same genes as a centenarian.The centenarians’ siblings and parents were also more likely to live longer, suggesting that the longevity gene runs in families, and that good genes might give them more choices and opportunities for bad habits.And we are just ordinary people. If we don’t have such genes, it’s better to change bad habits and maintain a healthy life.Furthermore, even if your genes are good enough, but you don’t maintain them and drink too much every day, you probably won’t make it to 99.Is there a “safe” limit for alcohol consumption?It’s safest not to drink at all, and the risk goes up by 7% for every 20g increase in alcohol consumption. To see what the consequences of drinking are, consider these statistics:Drink directly led to the deaths of 2.8 million people each year, 700000 people in China “dead” 5.8% of cancer deaths caused by drinking alcohol drinking can lead to 7 kinds of increased risk of cancer and more than 200 kinds of health problems related to the dangers of drinking is bigger than you think, think the profound, long-term drinkers may be deprived of a healthy life, even for their consideration, should drink less.You can’t hold your liquor. You can practice it if you drink more?The Lancet study tells us that not being able to drink is not exercise, and that more exercise and time can make perfect, and that drinking too much alcohol is no substitute for a genetic defect.To put it simply, The gene of Chinese people is not as strong as that of westerners, acetaldehyde can not be metabolized well in the body, and there will be more and more acetaldehyde, which will make you drunk quickly, and this kind of people in China is about 30%.The study, published in the Lancet and involving more than half a million people, is of great reference significance.So, you can’t blame yourself for being a bad drinker, you can blame yourself for having a mutation in a key gene that you can’t train for.For this kind of people should be reminded that drinking is easy to get drunk, the body will be more reaction to alcohol, forcing yourself to drink may lead to alcohol poisoning.In the future, when someone tries to persuade you to drink, you should think it over. Don’t drink your head off.Small drink not chief use for delight, big drink more injury body, four kinds of situation is very dangerous to drink after drink after a lot of people will vomit, consciousness make confused, some people on the toilet vomiting, finally fell asleep, this behavior is very dangerous, the residue of the one thousand vomit is bigger, may block the trachea, there is a risk of suffocation, best side someone to look after, an intoxicated person who commits a neck and mouth to protect it.Vomiting after drinking is a wrong behavior. It seems to be enough to spit out everything in the stomach, but in fact, alcohol has long entered the blood and organs, and only the food and water that are not fully digested are spit out. If vomiting is serious, the water in the body will be greatly reduced, which may cause hypokalemia.Chatting and punching too hard while drinking, eating less food and possibly low blood sugar.Alcohol also interferes with the storage of sugar in the liver, resulting in low blood sugar levels, dizziness, lethargy and fatigue.If the drinker has high blood sugar, the condition can increase blood vessel damage and cause drastic fluctuations in blood sugar.For cardiovascular patients, drinking is very dangerous, alcohol is a big burden for the heart, after drinking it’s easy to have a heart beat faster, bosom frowsty, but under the influence of alcohol, the brain may not care about these exceptions, continue to drink, is likely to put themselves in danger, the risk of myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction will increase.In your eyes, it may be just drinking, but in the doctor’s opinion, it may be taking your life to drink, which has different degrees of harm to the pancreas, stomach and brain. I believe that people do not want to hurt their body because of drinking.So what should be done?Abstaining, staying away from alcohol and advising people around you not to drink, of course.[1] Drinking alcohol is more likely to cause cancer in China?[2] A new study has found that drinking alcohol in China is linked to a higher risk of cancer. [3]The lancet study of half a million people offers the answer