Honda XRV easy to drive?There’s no rival in its class, and this is it

2022-05-29 0 By

Hello everyone, I am a Mazda CX-30 owner. My last model was a Honda XRV. Today, I would like to share with you my experience: in 17 years, I bought my first car in my life: Honda XRV.At that time, I didn’t know enough about the car. If the owner chose this car because of the recommendation of friends around me, I found good performance in all aspects after test driving, so I bought this car.In fact, the XRV is quite easy to drive.In addition to the car paint is a little thin, the interior grade is low, the work is poor, the smell is heavy, the seats are not comfortable, other aspects of the performance is still good, but in the 150 thousand this price model has been very good.Sales are high for a reason.At the end of last year, several of my friends who had worked in other places came back. When we had dinner together, one of them said that he planned to buy a car this year with a budget of around 150,000 yuan.After hearing this, I was very excited and was about to recommend my Honda XRV to him when another friend recommended another model to him first: Mazda CX-30.My friend says he’s had a Mazda CX-30 for more than a year, and that it’s ‘beautiful and easy to drive,’ with a comfortable interior and extremely high safety features.’How does this stack up against the Honda XRV?’ my friend asked incredulously.The friend said that the CX-30 is much better than the XRV, and the performance of each convenient is not by a fraction of a point.I didn’t like this at the time, so I began to argue with him.He insists that the CX-30 is better than the XRV, which I think performs unrivaled in its class.Neither of us could persuade the other, so the matter had to be dropped for the time being.To my surprise, my friend called me the next day and invited me out for a test drive. He told me to “see is believe” and feel the strength of the CX-30.I was not satisfied, so I went to the appointment.I have to admit, when I saw the CX-30, I was pretty impressed.This car’s appearance level is indeed high, the body of the shape is also very mellow, personality, in the sun is more bright eyes.But looks don’t tell you much. It’s all about the interior and the power.The interior design of CX-30 is also as my friend said, the layout is simple, the grade sense is very enough, the seat and steering wheel comfort is very high, wrapped in leather material, the texture is very comfortable.I then drove a few kilometers in my friend’s CX-30.I have to say, the CX-30’s self-priming engine does give a very stable and flexible feel.Although the CX-30 is weaker than the XRV in terms of explosive force, the throttle response speed and smooth shift are quite good, driving is also very light, power is not weak, overtaking and speeding is easy.My friend also told me that the fuel consumption of this car is basically the same as that of XRV, and the economy is very high. The difference between the two cars is only a few dollars.I have to say that the test drive was an eye-opening experience for me. The CX-30 is superior to the XRV in every respect except power.Last month I swapped out my XRV for the CX-30.