Huining: After the holiday work busy employment steady increase income

2022-05-29 0 By

Gansu Economic network Huining news (New Gansu · Gansu Economic Daily reporter Wang Yanli) recently, into huining County Xiangze small grain farmers professional cooperatives, workers wearing masks are busy in an orderly way, energetic production breath blows on the face.Qu Xiongling, an employee of the Huining Xiangze Small coarse grain Farmers’ Professional cooperative, said: “We started work early this year because of the large number of orders. Each person can pack more than 500 bags of coarse grain a day, which can also meet the needs of customers.”Wang Hua, head of the Huining Xiangze Small grain Farmers’ professional cooperative, said: “We have sold more than 160,000 orders after the New Year. We will continue to run more orders this year, which should be more than last year.”Plant good plane trees, draw phoenix to habitat.Many women have been attracted to cooperatives where they can find jobs at home and earn money to take care of their families.Huining auspicious ze small grains, farmers’ professional co-operatives to “company + cooperative + peasant household” mode of operation, driving the development of local farmers positive small coarse cereals planting, formed the good valley supplemented, other small grains of planting, processing, marketing as one of the business model, built with advantage characteristics of green, small grains, modern planting base.With the expanding market influence, the cooperative has gradually grown in scale and achieved remarkable benefits. The total sales volume has also increased from 5 million yuan in 2020 to nearly 8 million yuan in 2021.