Project is king environment is gold | huaian qingjiang pu area: the high quality level to billions of food industry

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Modern Express news (correspondent Shen Chengyao, Chen Zhong, li Zixuan) 175 mu of forest land expropriation, 8 kilometers of circular road laying, 2 steel bridge construction, 30 excavators gathered at night leveling land, pile driver construction……Every day, the 1561 mu of land of Yihai Jiali Grain and oil deep processing project is undergoing different changes.After the demolition of the original peasant houses, this once quiet small village has become a bustling construction site.As the world’s leading grain and oil enterprise, the grain and oil deep processing project invested by Yihai Kerry Group is in line with the industrial development orientation of Qingjiangpu District, Huaian City. After completion of the project, it is expected to achieve an output value of over 15 billion yuan and a tax revenue of 200 million yuan, striving to create a national food industrial park and providing strong support for the high-quality development of Huaian city.Around the industrial development, in recent years, especially since last year, huaian area qingjiang pu firmly establish a “project for the king, the environment is gold” concept, focusing on major workplace project engines and business environment optimization, promote the green food industry transformation and upgrading, promote the development of quality constantly improve quality, and the efficiency, creating high quality for qingjiang pu area to speed up the modernization city center gaining energized.Green food industry is one of the leading industries in the city’s key development and also the leading industry in Qingjiangpu District.Huaian Yihai Kali Grain and Oil Deep Processing Project, as a major provincial project in 2021 and 2022, with a total investment of about 7 billion yuan, is the highlight of Qingjiangpu District’s focus on key projects, and also a realistic picture of adhering to the work orientation of “project is king, environment is gold”.The project includes three sections: deep processing area of grain and oil, storage area and central kitchen area.After completion, it will become a leading enterprise and benchmark project in huaian food industry.The faucet leads, activating “a pool of spring water”.In investment promotion and capital introduction work, qingjiang pu district has always been around “333” leading industry development direction, accelerating cluster characteristic industrial cluster development, give full play to the yellow port code size and location advantages, relying on the yi hai kerry and other major workplace projects, actively carry out investment industry chain, to build level billions of modern food industry base as the vision, to create a national food industrial park.Up to now, Jiangsu Grain Group, the upstream cooperative enterprise of Yihai Kerry, has signed a contract and settled down. China Grain Storage and other enterprises have reached cooperation intention, which can realize the grain storage capacity of 1.06 million tons.Downstream cooperative enterprises, haolijia, Panpan, Jia Ge and other well-known food enterprises are actively docking;Logistics and warehousing supporting service enterprises, provincial Canal shipping company construction and operation, Huaian smart logistics port project is about to start construction……Precise help: press the “fast-forward button” for project construction. “Industrial development support funds have been transferred to the enterprise account. At present, the main structure of the second floor of the comprehensive building in the storage area has been capped.”Recently, in yihai Kerry grain and oil deep processing project site, project project manager Xu Dawen introduced to reporters.At the beginning of the New Year, the project has completed the installation of fences on the east side and the pouring of beams and columns on the south and west sides.The smooth progress of the project can not be separated from the city and district departments of the great help.On November 30 last year, Huaian Yihai Kerry Grain and Oil Deep processing Project completed land requisition, demolition, land delist and other procedures, and completed the “five certificates” including real estate right, land use planning permit, construction project planning permit, drawing examination certificate and construction permit.In the three projects signed and invested by Yihai Kerry Group last year, the company took the lead in realizing “start work immediately after taking land”.In the process of pushing the project to land and start construction, Chen Zhichang, party Secretary of The CPC Qingjiangpu District, has visited the site for three times. The Qingjiangpu District has set up the project construction headquarters with Zhu Haibo, Party Secretary of Qingjiangpu District, and Zhao Hongtao, District Director as the project manager, closely connecting with Yihai Kerry Group, and transferring 19 business backbone people from various departments.Set up 5 special work teams, including land acquisition promotion, land listing, license and permit handling, infrastructure, and comprehensive coordination, to reverse the construction period, wall map operation, to promote the project construction work, to ensure the quality and efficiency of the project construction.A butterfly emerges from a cocoon.Under the push of qingjiang pu district party committee government, yi hai kerry projects in only 16 months, can finish inspection, signing, construction work, extend from a pure rice flour oil deep processing project for processing, distribution, storage, trade, intelligent manufacturing and modern logistics as one of the food chain cluster,The construction speed up, investment increase, benefit quality, refresh the qingjiangpu and Huai ‘an major project construction “acceleration”.”Manager Xu, regarding the external access scheme of 110KV power line, we have reached a preliminary agreement with the person in charge of electric power of Yihai Enterprise and the power supply company and other departments. We need to complete the external access scheme design as soon as possible.”In the wechat group of Huaian Yihai Project, Chen Zhong, deputy director of Qingjiangpu District Investment Promotion Bureau, is exchanging daily work situation.Yihai Jiali Grain and Oil deep processing project has a strong driving effect on enhancing the regional development momentum and creating a national food industrial park of 100 billion yuan. Qingjiangpu District has always adhered to the service concept of 101%, carried out project breakthrough, implemented the promotion mechanism of special work class, solved problems every week, and held several promotion meetings.We will work closely with the district Housing Bureau, Investment Promotion Bureau, Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau and other local functional departments to actively cooperate and support enterprises to do a good job in various projects and speed up all kinds of formalities.After we arrived in Qingjiangpu, we didn’t worry about obtaining licenses and land, and government departments at all levels provided on-site services, which made us confident that the project would be put into operation next year.”Yi Hai Kerry Huai ‘an project team leader Wu Shengfa said.A sound business environment is an important endogenous driving force for high-quality leapfrog development.Qingjiangpu District firmly grasped the requirements of high-quality development, actively changed the work concept, and created the “Qingjiangpu standard” of the city’s “targeted supervision, no trouble” supervision service model, continuously optimized the business environment, and added vitality to the high-quality economic construction.As one of the dominant characteristic industries in Qingjiangpu District, Yihai Kerry grain and oil deep processing project will play a leading role in realizing high-quality leap-forward development of Huaian food industry and make new and greater contributions.(Correspondent for photo editor Li Weiwei)