Putian City Public Security Bureau Dongqiao police station love people

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Fujian Rule of law newspaper – The straits rule of law online February 15 news when the first ray of sunshine of the Lunar New Year in Putian Xiuyu District East Qiao town white as snow on the salt field, putian City public Security Bureau East Qiao police station has appeared in the town Qiaojiang lively village road, chiqi fishermen’s yard, xinghua bay south shore beach edge.”During the New Year, as usual, we should never relax our safety precautions and serve the people.This year is my first year in the institute, I want to stand the first guard!”Wang Xu, the new director who just came to east qiao police station to take office in October last year, resolutely chooses to stay in firm post.Under the leadership of Wang Xu, the police silently guard the peace of yantian people.The day before the New Year’s Eve, the town patrol captain Xu Zihong took the district of more than 60 years old Uncle Wei hand-written gifts of Spring Festival couplets to the police station, red paper fonts full of ink, writing vigorous free and easy, full of heroic and dedication luster.Xu Zihong said: “This is uncle Chen’s heart, I hope the young men and girls of the police station are safe in the New Year, but also thank you for your safe guard this year.”Community police Guo Yifan took over the couplets happy, New Year’s Day he received the best gift, is the satisfaction and blessing of the masses.Although Dongqiao is far away from the bustling downtown area, with the rapid development of its economy, the number of migrant workers and tourists has increased year by year.During the Spring Festival, the policemen of east qiao police station are busy maintaining the order of scenic spot not scenic spot by day, serving the masses, wearing equipment in the evening, lighting up the alarm light, the orderly team of the Hong Kong and Macao mouth of the area under their jurisdiction, the home of the fisherman and the rental building have the first investigation of the New Year.”Don’t you rest during the Spring Festival?”Laozhang, who runs fishing family music under his jurisdiction, met Lin Lizhi, the community police officer on patrol, with a puzzled face.Lin Lizhi patted Lao Zhang on the shoulder and said: “Just because of this big New Year, people gather, we should pay more attention to safety inspection, so that we can have a happy and safe year.”In January, jiang Rui, a community police officer on patrol, received a call from a member of the public saying that his three-year-old son, Zheng, had been lost at home.After receiving the police, Jiang Rui arrived at the scene immediately.Jiang Rui, together with other police and auxiliary police, visited the village streets and looked for the place where the child might appear. Through the public video surveillance, he analyzed and judged the lost route of the child. Through information integration, Jiang Rui finally found Zheng’s son at the gate of a church in the village.It turned out that Jeong was playing at home, only the elderly watch, he sneaked out of the door.Jeong and his wife shed tears of joy when they found their missing child.Seeing his family reunited, Jiang, who had not been able to go home for five years, choked up.”I also want to go home for the Spring Festival, but this is also my home,” he said. “Since I have chosen this uniform, I have to shoulder the responsibility.”We are all villagers who come back every year or even every few years. We can’t let people wait so long for nothing.”Hukou police Chen Linlin said.During the Spring Festival, dongqiao police station’s small household registration hall is crowded with people returning to their hometown to get their permits.Already pregnant with nearly 9 months of Chen Linlin still stick to the post, continuous combat, every day take the initiative to work overtime, until the last certificate of the masses.Chen Linlin’s persistence and enthusiasm moved Ms. Wei who returned home to handle affairs. She bought several cups of hot milk tea and sent it to the household office to express her gratitude.Chen Linlin picked up milk tea warm heart.(Reporter Chen Qi, correspondent Huang Yali)