The ancient words: “dear woman jing world” one time flow, but the flow of youth zhejiang

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Hello everyone, xiaobian again to recommend novels, every day not regularly share a variety of pet text, abuse text, ancient speech, speech and other different types of novels, save your book shortage!I hope you have a special appearance, handsome, beautiful little brother little sister if you feel useful on the small series of articles like plus a concern yo.Small make up recommend: this is for friends to abuse the heart: ancient words “office female surprised the world” next time, but the flow of zhejiang youth first book: “office female surprised the world” author: Shen Xuanxi (abuse heart ancient words: “office female surprised the world” next time, but the flow of zhejiang youth) introduction: time fillip, can only say that cross is also a live technical.She has no intention to fight for power only to seize profits, but between a strange combination of circumstances was appointed as the protection of the state of Qi princess.Look back, have a look through the road, afraid, unable to bear to look back;Turn to come, the road ahead is uncertain, the emotion in life, the war in the court, the blood in the river’s lake, crisscrossing.A time flow, but the flow of youth zhejiang.If it was true that someone had drugged the Earl’s, or the old lady, he was going to make that person know what it was like to be dead!At this moment the government doctor also came back, “Uncle!The old lady has no problem with her dinner tonight.””Doctor Zhang, what do you think of the old lady’s diagnosis?”Doctor Zhang wiped the sweat on his forehead and answered, “I feel that I ate something unclean.””Don’t come to these empty, this uncle uncle want to hear the truth.””The old lady, the old lady drugged someone, through the mouth.”Guan Yuehai a listen, clap of a clap on the table, “to see, jade flute back no?”(Click below to read for free) the second: “Regent king, subordinate panic fear” author: Jin Ying Introduction: husband’s family to is the wife of the ceremony to marry flat wife?– What’s the big deal? She’ll make room for the next class.Jin Prince robbed her, circle forbidden in the taizi mansion?– Not afraid, this girl has married before, it is not unknown to see a man!What?The regent is going to marry her?What are you afraid of? I’ve married a girl before.Since the sincerity is clear, still consider it…He Qingjun was drowsy and woke up. He was fed a bowl of porridge by Linghu Bo and fell asleep again.When she opened her eyes again, the east was light, the candles were burning on the counter, and she had slept until morning?Turning his eyes, HE saw Linghu Bo with his right elbow resting on the bed and his chin resting on the back of his hand. His long, narrow phoenix eyes were tightly closed as if he had fallen asleep.She was startled that he had been at the bedside.She did not dare make a move for fear of waking her, but turned her eyes around the room in surprise.This is the regent’s bedroom?!She’s sleeping in the regent’s chambers!If people inside and outside the palace knew that she was sleeping in the regent’s bed, would the daughters of the nobles tear her up?(Click below to read for free) third book: “The world of Mortals chaos evildoer” author: Childe An Li Introduction: she has money, power, status.But vows to die from that one similar appearance, for it, on the court, under the killing of dignitaries, enmity countless, the end is from the cliff.The man who asked, “What do you think of me?”Smile: Just because of you.Stand with negative hand: you only see old people through me, bear you ten years of friendship, today you and I don’t meet again.Smile still: answer you, only is eleven years, already enough.Open eyes again, major general rebirth, the world will wind and clouds, evildoers, wulin unrest, chaotang turbulence.More than one, of course.Great thing: “You saved me again?”The woman asks tone is extremely affirmation however, here also only ghost cure has this ability to save her.But didn’t he hate himself so much?”This one saved you!””Honour Lord ~” ghost cure angrily of rise to want to accuse however by the man a look swallow to go back, then have to dejected of oneself go away, and be along with shadow and 3 princess common ridicule below by fog shadow pull disappear.”You can save me?”Spend yue from hissing way, when she was in a coma, he did not kill everyone is good!”Can!”Xuan Mo is determined to, a firm in the eyes like black jade.’Who is this girl?Yue flower from doubt, according to observation, this woman should not be concubine.Almost as old as they are, if the princess, but why not in the hall.And, as she turned her head to look at the arrangement, some of the items were extremely valuable, though they were a little colder.Who the hell is this girl?The woman in green blinked her eyes lightly and looked at the man who just stared at the woman in front of her without any meaning of speaking. The woman raised her eyebrows and replied, “Little girl!How forgetful you are!”Yue flower from raised eyebrows don’t understand the way, “I, know you?””Ha!More than know each other, we are very good friends!”(Click below to read it for free) Today’s novel recommendation is over. If you have anything else to say to xiaobian, or want to share with you, please leave a comment below!”The Emperor still jilted: Demon Queen” she watched her legs blood, eventually is tired “Star Road Wolf: President please get out of the way” jade diva suddenly retching, angry kick male agent “Rebirth entertainment circle: The return of diva” National goddess suddenly retching, the president of the Empire directly embrace the car farm-growing article:Peasant little rich woman dressed as a silly widow was swept out of the house, she took two children to work in the fields peasant Girl struggle, silly girl was forced to marry poor boy stepmother, was rejected three times