Dalian University of Technology: of the 6,044 undergraduates who will graduate in 2021, 53% will choose to further their studies or study abroad

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There are two 985 colleges and universities in Liaoning Province, which are Northeastern University and Dalian University of Technology. The author introduced the employment situation analysis of Northeastern University in front of us. In this paper, we will introduce Dalian University of Technology.Dalian University of Technology (DUT) is one of the 985, 211 universities and one of the first-class universities in the double First-class Plan.Nanjing Institute of Technology, South China Institute of Technology, Huazhong Institute of Technology, And Dalian Institute of Technology were all listed in the 985, 211, double First-class plan, and all of them are first-class university construction units of Class A universities.In 2021, DUT will have 10,463 graduates, including 6,044 undergraduates, 3,886 master’s candidates and 533 doctoral candidates.This article mainly introduces the employment situation of undergraduate graduates.The university graduates come from 10 disciplines, except history and agriculture.Among other disciplines, engineering ranked first with 4,300 students, accounting for 71.2% of the total number of undergraduates, followed by Science with 647 students (10.7%), management with 377 students (6.2%), economics with 211 students (3.5%), and literature with 194 students (3.2%). Other disciplines, such as law, science, art, education, and philosophy, all accounted for 100 or less.Not much.Among college graduates, 52.8 percent chose to pursue higher education, 26.4 percent chose contract or contract employment, and 3.5 percent chose flexible employment.Among the graduates of DUT in 2021, 36.14% will work in state-owned enterprises, 3.91% in Party and government organs, 0.5% in middle and primary education units, 0.61% in public institutions, 0.44% in research and design units, 0.22% in grassroots projects, and 49.31% in private enterprises.Liaoning province accounted for 18.6 percent (11.9 percent in Dalian), Guangdong 13.72 percent (9.7 percent in Shenzhen), Beijing 11.74 percent, Shanghai 9.09 percent, and Shandong province 7 percent.China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) took the top position with 117 graduates, followed by Huawei (34), AVIC (24), State Grid (20), petrochina (23) and FAW (21).In terms of the employment rate of graduates by major, the major with a lower employment rate is process Equipment and Control Engineering, 50%; other majors with a lower employment rate are economics, Marine technology, food Science and engineering, intellectual property rights, Chinese Language and literature, etc.Among the university’s graduates, 3,192 chose to further their studies, including 2,657 who stayed in China for further study and 535 who went abroad.Choose domestic enters a higher school graduates, 94.34% into the first-class university construction in colleges and universities and Chinese Academy of Sciences and other scientific research institutes, and go abroad (boundary) to study in undergraduate, the preferred foreign universities for the national university of Singapore, Japan, ritsumeikan university, the university of Manchester, England, the British imperial college, Singapore nanyang technological university and other colleges and universities in more than 20 people.