Market value of 405 billion home appliances giant cross the line to engage in medical treatment, how the United States also began to worry?

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As a leading enterprise in the home appliance industry, the strength of Midea is beyond doubt.But it has also suffered from diversification anxiety in the face of the household appliance industry’s palpable ceiling.Recently, the media discovered that it bought a medical company for $10 billion.Before that, it also set up a semiconductor company, new energy into the car and so on.Behind the wild money, exposed its anxious heart.”Next door” Gree also did not stop the pace of “doing sideline”, is the home appliance giant’s destiny is “idle”?Diversification does not stop today, Wandong medical announcement has been completed to the major shareholder of the United States group of directional add-issuance matters.At this point, Midea group’s shareholding from 29.09% to 45.46%.The two families have been linked since last year, according to public records.This time the United States to increase investment, means that its layout in the field of medical equipment deeper step.It’s not easy for the medical company to make a deal with the home appliance giant.It is understood that Wandong medical has carried out 5 investment events, through investment, mergers and acquisitions, and continue to expand the scope of business.These include the field of blood health products, X-ray tubes and medical imaging big data.Midea has revealed that in the context of an aging population, Wandong Medical is its platform and springboard into the field of medical equipment.It is worth noting that in just one year, Midea Group has invested 4.359 billion yuan.Of course, medical care is only one small step on the road to diversity.After all, it also set up a semiconductor company with registered capital of rmb200m in January.In the same month, it also went deep into the field of new energy vehicles, and even cross-border e-commerce and industry 4.0.It can be said that its tentacles extend to almost all the popular tracks.Home appliance industry no future?Make such a choice behind, it is the ceiling of the home appliance industry.On revenue, net profit, the United States are far ahead, is worthy of the industry boss.However, from the perspective of the whole household appliance industry, the sales scale of the household appliance market reached the highest point in 2018, began to decline from 2019, and decreased by 8.60% in 2020.At the same time, the industry production and sales rate also began to decline, the overall problem of overcapacity.Due to the epidemic, raw material costs are rising, further reducing the profit space of enterprises.Although Midea is the leader, but the growth rate is very slow.Visible, traditional home appliance industry has not turned over a number of splash.In addition to Midea, Gree is also looking for another way out.Last year, Gree announced a high-profile investment in Yinlong Energy, the outside world half look at the joke, but Dong Mingzhu’s attitude is firm.Not only that, but she also went back to making phones, which she says was not about taking market share, but about the company itself.Unfortunately, the effect of diversified layout has little effect, but also dragged down the air-conditioning business revenue and net profit.Other players have long sought their way out, building cars, moving into finance and even real estate.Getting the main job done first is praiseworthy, but only if the main job is not delayed.The pace of home appliance enterprises seems to have gone too far.In 2017, Midea spent 29.2 billion yuan to acquire a robot company, trying to open the door of industry 4.0.The distance between ideal and reality is always very far away.The machine company soon saw its profits plummet and growth turned negative.Industry analysis, the fundamental reason for its decline is the lack of core technology.The beauty of this “layman”, obviously fooled.The nearly 30 billion “tuition fee” has not yet taught Midea a lesson.Liang Zhenpeng, a senior economist, once remarked that “the United States has lost sight of its own direction”.Science and technology, the home appliance industry has not yet reached the end of the time.With the development of mobile Internet, the concept of intelligent interconnection has gradually gained popularity.Home appliance industry rather than risk crossover, it is better to dig deep in their old line.Ultimately, industries have ceilings, but innovation does not.