Provincial Taiwan focus on Xi ‘an High-tech Zone!

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Xi ‘an High-tech Zone, 2022
To plan a total investment of 1,244 billion yuan in 537 key projects.
Focusing on Xi ‘an High-tech Zone,
Key projects in 2022.
Xi ‘an High-tech Zone recently released the plan of four Key High-tech Projects in 2022, and this year plans 537 key high-tech projects with a total investment of 1,244 billion yuan.At the beginning of the New Year, 31 key projects with a total investment of 76.3 billion yuan were launched in Xi ‘an High-tech Zone.The projects cover four major categories, including advanced manufacturing, services, infrastructure and livelihood security.With a total investment of 6 billion yuan, the National Advanced Rare Metal Material Technology Innovation Center and high-performance titanium alloy products production base are key national scientific and technological innovation projects.Li Jianfeng, president of northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, said, “We will cooperate with leading enterprises, universities and institutes in the industry to work as an industry-university-research channel.At the same time, the rare metal industry chain will be extended, after completion, will drive the rapid development of the industry, solve the national bottleneck technology, to overcome a series of problems.”Aidan, high-end car parts project total investment 2 billion yuan, is the provincial, city around passenger cars (new energy industrial chain for the key link to the chain extending chain of key projects, for xi ‘an new energy automotive industry to provide the international first-class products and services, with postpartum, the completion of the project is expected to achieve output of 6 billion yuan, nearly 1500 people to create more employment opportunities.The industrialization project of photoelectric microwave data integration products invested by Xi ‘an Alite Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. will develop various microwave transmission components for application in aerospace, aviation and communication fields, realizing import substitution and independent control.Huang Fukui, party secretary of Xi ‘an Alite Electronics Industry Co., LTD., said: “After the completion of the project, it can greatly improve the research and development and production capacity, our output value will increase from the present 600 million yuan, after the completion of the increase can increase to 13 billion yuan, the annual national tax from the present nearly 5000 yuan to 100 million yuan.”
It is understood that this year, Xi ‘an High-tech Zone, a total of 537 planned “four high-tech” key projects, covering the Second phase of Samsung project, BYD new energy auto parts production and expansion project, Xidian smart Industrial Park project, Qin Chuangyuan technology transformation platform and other projects, a total investment of 1,244,000 million yuan.Xi ‘an High-tech Zone will make every effort to do a good job in land supply, formalities handling and supporting support for projects, promote the early implementation of projects, fast construction, early efficiency, and promote the construction of high-tech strength, high-tech innovation, high-tech quality, and happiness.
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