The world: why should Zhou Zhigang use to throw things to vent their discontent in the heart?

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By actors Lei Jiayin, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yin Tao, Ding Yongdai, Cheng Taishen, Sa Rina, Song Chunli, Wang Yang co-stars in the modern urban drama “The World” is currently on the air, in the updated plot, we will see Zhou Zhigang finally accepted Zheng Juan as his daughter-in-law.But in the eyes of some viewers, Zhou had a change of heart.It’s all about being forced.After all, Zheng Juan owes zhou’s family, Zhou Bingkun has been insisting.Zhou Zhigang really need to give Zheng Juan a point.Why did the audience question Zhou Zhigang’s change of heart?In the updated plot of the TV series, we will learn that Zhou Zhigang disapproves of the relationship between his son Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan from the very beginning.The reason is simply that Zheng Juan is a widow.And after zhou jia suddenly suffers disaster, Zhou Zhigang changed the attitude to Zheng Juan however.But, in some viewers, Zhou Zhigang’s change of heart, and not willing, but forced.Why did the audience question Zhou’s change of heart?All because of one detail in the play.If Zhou Zhigang is really willing to accept the daughter-in-law Zheng Juan.Why was chow’s home in such a mess after he returned home?The only explanation is only one, that is Zhou Zhigang in Zheng Juan left, had used the way of throwing things, to vent their dissatisfaction in the clear heart, this is really in line with the character of Zhou Zhigang.This picture comes from the network Zhou Zhigang why to use to throw things to vent their dissatisfaction?From the results of things, Zhou Zhigang will be in Zheng Juan left, with the way of throwing things, to vent their discontent in the heart.It’s not because of Zheng Juan.Zhou zhigang is actually blaming himself, because over the years, he has paid too little attention to the family.Especially about his son Chow Bingkun.In the view of Zhou Zhigang, Zhou Bingkun is the most happy person, because Zhou Bingkun did not go to the countryside like his brother and sister, he has been left behind in his mother’s side, a life of food and clothing.It wasn’t until Zhou saw his paralyzed wife in bed that zhou realized what Zhou bingkun had done for his family all these years.And Zhou Zhigang alleged dissatisfaction, are Zhou Bingkun to conceal to him.At this time zhou Zhigang suddenly realized that his son Zhou Bingkun really grew up, but there seems to be a great misunderstanding between the two people.From the dialogue between Zhou Zhigang and Zhou Bingkun, we will find that zhou Zhigang had hinted at Zhou Bingkun long ago about Zheng Juan.Unfortunately, Chow had misinterpreted his father’s meaning.Because in zhou Bingkun’s view, his father did not agree with him and Zheng Juan association.All because her father disliked Zheng Juan as a widow.And Zhou Zhigang will oppose Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan contacts, is worried about the son greedy Zheng Juan beauty.Two people therefore produce heart knot.Until Li Sulan paralyzed in bed, Zhou Zhigang returned home, saw Zheng Juan after.Zhou Zhi had just cleared his mind of doubt.Because the calluses on zheng Juan’s hand alone, already explained everything.After all, hearts are flesh.Said Zhou Zhigang changed his mind to accept Zheng Juan is forced, really underestimated zhou Zhigang the consciousness of the working people.This picture comes from the network do not know how we look at Zhou Zhigang accept Zheng Juan this matter?Welcome to leave your comments.