Wait a minute!”Ice dun dun” although the fire also want to beware of cheating carefully buy “ice cool cool”

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With the Beijing Winter Olympic Games underway, the mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen” has become popular, reflecting the enthusiasm of the general public to care about and support the Winter Olympics.However, some people have a “wrong idea”, in the designated sales outlets and other places at a high price, illegal profit, disrupt the normal purchase order.Relevant departments have announced a hint: The Beijing Winter Olympic Games licensed goods will continue to be sold at least until the end of June this year, the current coordination has taken active measures to promote production, there will be a steady stream of “ice dun dun” supply to the market.Please be rational in your consumption. Do not buy from “scalpers” at high prices to avoid economic losses.”Ice pier pier” detonate buy tide “cheater” also “smell sound” out!The anti-fraud center of Zhangzhou city issued a warning ↓↓↓ police advised people to consume rationally and not to buy “Bing Dwen Dwen” from “scalpers” at a high price to avoid economic losses.Ceng the heat of the Winter Olympics for two kinds of routines: one is “shoddy”, with no collection value of souvenirs posing as, defraud high purchase money;The second is “empty handed white Wolf”, only to “Winter Olympics souvenirs” as a cover, after receiving the transfer of the shield disappeared.For all kinds of lotteries related to the Winter Olympics, it is best to log on to the official winter Olympics website or check with the authorities.Encounter need to pay in advance “advance payment” “deposit” “poundage” and so on, the possibility of fraud is great, must not credulous.Do not easily click unidentified links and web pages, do not easily disclose their identity information, deposit information, bank card information on the Internet.Once cheated, be sure to dial 110 or go to the nearest police station in the first place.Edit | hong han source public security audit | | zhangzhou tan boon heong producer | Lai Songqing