Anhui man caught five-step snake bubble wine was caught!To protect animals!How dangerous is poisonous snakes making wine?

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A police brigade in Langxi County, Xuancheng City, Anhui province, recently uncovered an illegal hunting case in which two bushmasters, known as five-step snakes, were found in a wine jar at cao’s home.Snake wine is popular in many places. Clean and intact snakes are placed in a container of strong wine (usually a large transparent glass bottle), sealed at the mouth of the container, and stored in a cool, dry place for a few months or years.Many places have their own snake wine and the custom of drinking it.Some people even say that the more snakes there are, the better, and that living snakes are better than dead ones.So many people just bottle live snakes, which is very dangerous.A 28-year-old man surnamed Zeng was bitten by the snake and was transferred to the emergency department of Huizhou Central People’s Hospital for treatment.It is understood that the “five-step snake” that bit Mr. Zeng was bought from other places and soaked in wine. Unexpectedly, the wine was not soaked, but he was bitten by the snake and almost lost his life.Snakes are poikilotherms that can survive extreme conditions such as lack of oxygen and water with minimal energy expenditure. This means they can remain dormant for months or even years by not eating or drinking and breathing very slowly.When the poisonous snakes are immersed in wine, they go into a dormant state, surviving on the little air in the bottle and not dying for a short time.Once the bottle is opened, the snake quickly wakes up and naturally attacks when it senses someone approaching.Generally speaking, how long the snake can live is mainly related to the sealing of the bottle, alcohol content and the state of the snake itself. If the sealing is not good, the alcohol will evaporate, and finally the “snake wine” may become the “bath water” of the snake.The five-step snake is a famous viper. Its scientific name is Agkistrodon, also known as the Hundred Step Snake, seven step snake, White flower snake, China, etc.The size of a bushmaster is one of the largest among vipers. A typical adult bushmaster is 120 to 150 centimeters long, and the maximum size is more than 200 centimeters.They have barb-shaped tube fangs that are not only long, but also large.As a result, it can inject large doses of venom into its prey to ensure its death, and its bite wounds are often severe.Plus fierce poison, so in ancient times, people who were bitten would often die quickly, so it was called five-step snake or hundred-step snake.The venom of five-step snakes is mainly hemolytic toxin, which is made of protein. Unlike neurotoxin, it is extremely destructive. Once bitten, the antihemagglutinin in the venom stops the blood from clotting, preventing our wounds from healing and causing us to keep bleeding.Swelling, blistering, tissue gangrene and ulcers follow, making it known as the “king of rotten meat.”This kind of snake character is more stable, really achieve the swiftness like the wind, motionless mountain.Even if it is frightened, it will stay in place and will not run away like other snakes, so it is useless to frighten the snake.And it’s not going to strike you with all the postures of a cobra telling you I’m going to bite.The attack took us off guard. It was very fast.So don’t think that just because someone is lying there and not moving, you run to look.In fact, in terms of toxicity, the venom of five-step snake is not very severe. Doctors remind that in fact, it takes a process for the venom to spread to the whole body after being bitten by five-step snake. As long as medical treatment is timely, it is usually not fatal.Being bitten by a five-step snake is not, as legend has it, the poison that kills you after five steps.Even the venomous silver ringed snake, bitten as long as the medical treatment within 6 hours, will not have the worry of life.However, don’t look down upon it because of this, it is not the deadliest snake in China, but when it comes to the rate of disability, it can be severe, many people were bitten after not timely medical treatment, resulting in the need for amputation surgery.So after being bitten, we must arrive at the hospital in time for treatment.The venom of the five-step snake has hemolysis. After being bitten by it, it is best not to open the wound, so as not to coagulative blood, resulting in a lot of bleeding, anemia and other symptoms.We can detoxify the wound by squeezing it with our hands and rinse the wound thoroughly with water.Never take drugs with your mouth like in the TV series. If there are wounds in your mouth, such as cavity ulcers, bleeding gums and so on, the venom can easily enter the body along the wounds.The affected limb can be ligated with a string or shoelace, 3 to 5cm above the proximal end of the heart.But we must pay attention to ah, can not tie too tight, tie too tight words easy to cause limb tissue necrosis, don’t let you amputation snake venom when the time comes, its own get amputation.It should be bound for 3-5 minutes before certain release, and then bound for 3-5 minutes.Just remember to get to the hospital in time.Why pentameter is a Protected Animal Pentameter is one of the national “three have” protected animals, that is, the beneficial or important economic and scientific research value of the land wild animals protected by the state, in Anhui Province, pentameter is the national second-class protected animal.So it’s illegal to catch and kill wild five-legged snakes.The medicinal value of five-step snake is very high. It is called drug poison. Sometimes it is often a good medicine to treat some diseases.And the snake venom of the five-step snake has the function of dispelling wind, activating collars, and stopping panic. It has very good curative effect in treating rheumatism paralysis, osteoarthritis pain, leprosy, scabies, convulsive convulsion, tetanus, yangmeius, scrofula evil sore and other diseases.And with human capture and environmental deterioration, habitat reduction, the wild five-legged snake is also becoming less and less, so it will be included in the list of protected animals.Of course, there are also domesticated five-legged snakes, but in September 2020, they were banned from being bred for food and allowed to be used for non-edible purposes such as medicine, display and scientific research.Luo, from Datong Town, caught three five-step snakes on a mountain and thought he could make some money with them, but they were discovered by the police.It turned out that this was not his first snake catch, he had caught a black tip snake a few days ago.After the police education, Luo realized his illegal behavior.Luo was fined 3,600 yuan and the snake was returned to its original mountain.Not only five-step snake, now basically common venomous snakes are protected animals, such as silver ring snake, golden ring snake, King cobra, cobra, red chain snake, Bamboo leaf green, soldering iron head, short tail, etc., plus no venomous snake, there are a total of hundreds of snakes are protected animals, so we usually do not grab.# Anhui ## Snake #